WSG 100 Mile Training Tip 2

Never leave your drop bags with the crew! Imagine you are coming into an aid station to pick up your night time gear, your crew gets a flat tire and misses you at the aid station. Wow, what do you do now? I always rely on the aid station folks to have my bags, they have several hours lead time to get your stuff to the aid station even if they have an incident. My crew(wife and kids) always have a single bag to take to all the aid stations, this includes a variety of stuff like back up Petzl lights, batteries, GU, socks, first aid, xtra running belt in case one breaks and other back up items. This will insure you always have access to all types of gear all the time.


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2 thoughts on “WSG 100 Mile Training Tip

  • Former Wasatch Waddler

    Good advice. Here are some ideas for future tips:

    1. What to do when you run into an ornery moose on top of Bare Ass Pass.

    2. How to escape the Brighton aid station in under 30 min.

    3. How to time your arrival at Pole Line to coincide with pancakes and hash browns (only really valid for SlowGoats).

    Reading your Blog makes me miss running in the Wasatch.


  • Admin Post author

    Next Training tip will be the Brighton aid station, sounds like we have veteran
    Wasatch 100 runner on message-great topics!

    Happy Trails~