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Check this out, I paced John Maack at the 2007 Wasatch 100 and this guy really had his drop bags worked out! No they were not bags he used orange 5 gallon buckets! Yea, buckets, what a great ideal! Here are the immediate advantages I noticed;

  • Easy to spot your drop bag (bucket) at the aid stations, even if you are tired.
  • The bucket seals up and this keeps your gear dry from the weather and your items will not get crushed like your gu packs or lights.
  • This can also be a chair if all the seats are taken at the aid station.
  • If you are passing a aid station more then once it is nice to have a bucket instead of a ripped up or wet drop bag!
  • Easy to find your buckets at the finish line when you are hammered.
  • I don’t think the race directors would like to see 300 orange buckets at the race!



Any drop bag ideals please leave a comment for fellow speed goats, Bahaha three scrapes!

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One thought on “100 mile racing tip

  • Jason Halladay

    I’ve seen the buckets in use (as well as empty kitty litter plastic containers) and think it’s a great idea. Anything to distinguish your drop bag from the other is smart. At Leadville this year I used the yellow plastic Montrail bags they give out but used bright orange duct tape to mark my name and number on the bags. That contrast really stood out and allowed the aid station volunteers to find the bags very quickly.