WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k 1

Check out the Speedgoat Trophy created by fellow trail runner Wynn Davis from the mid west. Wynn is an art teacher and volunteered his time to create the ultimate award ? You think were obsessed with the Rocky Mountain Goats, this guy has his own herd of goats to run with. Who will be the lucky trail runner to win such an award ? There are plenty of surprises and trophy categories besides the winner, stay tuned for more fun ! Thanks to Jake the goat for donating his fur to the cause! Bahaha !


Two scrapes for Jake the Goat !!


2007 Entrants

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application

7/21/07 at Snowbird and Alta UT.

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One thought on “WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k

  • Wynn

    Thanks Goats! this tribute is looking real savage! Jake & ElWood or as we like to call them “the blues brothers” were more than happy to lend their winter shed of hair. They told me that folks that Speedgoat 50k runners better get their rear in gear and start climbin and scrapin! Bahaha~

    – WynnMan