WasatchSpeedGoat 50k 4

SPEEDGOAT UPDATE: 44 days 9 hrs and 33 min 47 sec to the inaugural WasatchSpeedGoat 50k !!

Trailrunner Magazine top ten race you must do!
Karl Meltzer has been out there cruising around Snowbird with his GPS finalizing the coolest 50k course there is. Check this out, the first male and female speedgoat to the top of the first 3000 ft. climb gets a prize handed off by the Wasatchspeedgoats! So if your tough enough to be the first goat up the ridge you will receive a prize! This is just the beginning, we have the hand made (by Wynn Davis and Elwood) trophies for winners, age group winners and three other trophies that someone will win for just being there. The hotel rooms are ready to reserve please call (1-800-232-9540) and mention the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k, you will have the option to stay at Snowbird for 89.00 a night and Alta may offer a room rate along with a killer Sunday brunch on the deck at the High Rustler Lodge. The finish line should be quite festive as Snowbird has 1500 people there for a conference with live bands on the plaza deck finish line! I f you have never been up little Cottonwood Canyon you are going to see some spectacular terrain! This 50k will be the slowest 50k you have ever run so do not expect to do a PB at this race~USATF has decided to ban headphones from their sanctioned events, so we are sanctioning our own event- sharpen your hooves, crank up your tunes and dance through the coolest 50k you will ever do! Bahahaha! Two scrapes!


Sign up on-line for the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app.

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4 thoughts on “WasatchSpeedGoat 50k

  • Tom H

    If you really want a challenge without the hoopla, check out the Old Gabe 50K in Bozeman. Almost 12,000 feet of climb!! One third of Hardrock.

    Tom H

  • Eric Smith

    Hey, I have been kicking around signing up for this event. I have only done marathons before so this will be much more challenging. If you could post a map so that I might practice the route beforehand I would be very appricative.

  • Karl

    Erica and Eric.. For volunteer info and race info contact Karl at 801-943-1915. I can meet up with you and give you directions to the course. It is not 100% finalized yet but most can be pointed out. It’s all about approvals, you know. Old Gabe is big at 12,000 climb, but you can’t get very high on the Bridger range. Wahsatchspeedgoat