Utah Ultrarunning Camp ~ Speedgoat Country 9

Utah Ultrarunning Camp coming to Speedgoat Country July 9th-13th

Hosted by the Wasatch Speedgoat himself, 30 fortunate Ultrarunners will get into the brain of Karl Meltzer and learn a few secrets of how to perform at one’s own top level, especially at Ultra distances.

Alongside the PEAK academy (the clinical entity of the Dept. of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Utah) topics of training principles, nutrition, psychology of racing, injury avoidance, minimal impact practices while on trails, and how to recover quickly, will be discussed.

We will run classic routes along the Wasatch Range, some tough and technical, some smooth and cushy. A run into the sunset and darkness will also be held to help runners learn how to cover ground quickly during the nighttime hours.

Learn how to levitate on rocky trails and perform at you’re best all in 4 days! All accomodations and most meals are covered for this special Ultra Running camp. At the end we will enjoy a stellar dinner and social with the WasatchSpeedGoats Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason. Signups will begin early next year in February for the 30 lucky individuals.

Learn to run like a goat!!!!!



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9 thoughts on “Utah Ultrarunning Camp ~ Speedgoat Country

  • Karl

    Working on Ipods for all the participants, But of course it’s a long way away, and of course not set in stone. We encourage the use of headphones! bring-em!

  • mmrj

    any suggestions for mileages? e.g. is this appropriate for lower mileage (think non-competivitive 50k runner, not superfast 100mi runner) folk if we get enough hill training in?

    so excited!!

  • Karl

    Yes, I’m sitting out Hardrock, it’s Kyle Skagg’s turn to smoke it! Hoping to get in Western and run with the masses.

  • kerry

    i am interested in training for a six day, 156 mi race. I run and bike regularly. However, not long distances. I am learning as much as possible about ultrarunning and am interested in your camp.