Think Spring ~ Trail Running 6

I can’t wait to see the wild flowers, we have been running on the snow pack since November of last year. After feeling the warm temps at the Red hot 50k, let the melting begin. It is tough to run on snow for several months and then travel to Moab and dance through a giant rock that lasted 17 of the last 34 miles of a trail race. Toe Bang~ These Indian Paint Brushes (Flowers) in the picture is what the Wasatch Mountain Range looks like in July. Turn the clocks back this weekend ? The Presz signed a bill to save on energy, time to put away the Petzl head lamp.

This is a sample of what you will see at the Speedgoat “Get High” 50k!

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6 thoughts on “Think Spring ~ Trail Running

  • Wynn

    AHHH yes the sign of summer! shed the layers of clothes and bring on the dirt! also leaves for natural ass wipe! all I need is my water bottle.


  • G & D

    Yep Danette and I are ready fro Spring.. as much as we love the powder I am looking forward to long single tracks and warm evenings. Thanks for all the great posts/info you WSG guys continuously post! Gary M


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