The SpeedGoats “Get High” 50k is on ! 14

On July 21 2007, a new tradition begins, the Wasatchspeedgoats are putting on a high altitude 50k trail race that takes place all above 8100 feet. The course is designed by Karl Meltzer which includes 9,000 to 10,000 feet of vertical uphill running with massive downhills that will test the best of trail runners. The start and finish line will be at the Snowbird tram deck with hotels and summer activities to entertain your entire crew. Race fans will be able to ride the tram or the chair lift that takes you to the top of new Snowbird Tunnel so you can view your runner trekking through the massive Mineral Basin. We will have applications in place on the web page Monday March 12, 2007 or you can sign up at the Wasatch Running Center in Sandy, Utah.

Limit 200 runners

Aerial Tram Rides at Snowbird

Thanks to Alta / Snowbird for some of the best ski lift terrain service on the globe !

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14 thoughts on “The SpeedGoats “Get High” 50k is on !

  • Wynn

    Keeping start/finish at the snowbird lodge is ideal. This alone will attract so many more runners/crews to the race. Kick ass sea bass! this race is gonna be savage!

  • Wynn

    Sounds good, I’ve already been getting my creative juices flowing for these dittys. Do you want two overalls Male & Female, or do you want more for age crap? or both.. doesn’t matter to me, the more the merry. These will be quite unique let me tell ya (: peeps will be wanting to come back just to get their crusty hands on one of these ElWood crafted gems!

    adios Utes


  • olga

    OMG! How do I get more time off? Do great races ever end??:) Tempting, very much so. I’ll be thinking, and hope you are not going to close up any time soon. Any cap on registration?

  • olga

    Karl, LOVED the interview, loved the attitude of it (and your running), and especially the Vodka part! That’s a drink for a real man! Just drop the Red Bull, unless it’s sponsor’s requirement:)

  • Wynn

    Sounds good! don’t worry about the goat hair, got plenty of it and beards too! Some good rocks from the St.Croix river valley cliffs, I think I can find a way to make them metal down in the shop. How many do you want? overalls? and/or age crap…

    I plan on doing this run next summer! That’s an offer a man can’t refuse! much obliged. I ‘ve also got a few 100’s I want to hit out there (Bighorn, bear, hardrock) but I want to wait a bit for those so I can build up and run with the front, I still have quite a bit of green dripping off of me.
    BTW: do you want a logo?


  • Karl

    Yes Olga, the Vodka is a real man’s drink. I guess you are talking about he UR interview, I love RBV’s, but only occasionally, it’s like a special drink, sometimes I mix it with Tequila. There is a cap on registration at 200. It is not, however, a true limitation, the race is on private land and the limit is there is no limit. If everything goes smoothly we may try and bump it up. Scott and I are rookie RD’s so we are figuring it out. Make it out to the race, you’ll love this place. Caoi Wahsatch Speedgoat

  • Bay Area Beach Slug

    Awesome race! I’m already trying to brainstorm ways that I can get the family over for it. I do not want to miss it. Can you get Roch Horton to serve up tequila at an aid station?

    Oh Mighty Goat, are you running Wasatch this year? It’s just a week or two after Le Tour de Mont Blanco.

    Feeling fat, tired, and slow for Way Too Cool this weekend,

    – Garett

  • Kelly

    Now i’m faced with a little dilemma Tahoe Rim 100 or this killer race. It is looking quite tempting. All you need is some of those RBV’s at the finish… and i’m there. 😉

  • Karl

    Bay area Beach Slug, We will work on Roch serving Tequila,but only at the last aid station, we’ll see if we can get Don Julio to sponsor us. Wasatch is out for this year, after Mont Blanc I go to the Bear 100 and try to take that soft Koerner record down. Oh yes Kelly, the RBV’s will be unlimited and flowing!

  • Wayne

    Sounds like fun! The calendar is getting full, but I can’t pass up a Speedgoat party. Looks like the Brighton marathon, if it’s the week before, will be a nice warm up to some trail play around Snowbird.

  • Jim

    Hey guys,
    Just found out about this today. I’m in. App in the mail today. Need any help prior to? Let me know.