Speedgoat 50k 2008 7

Here we go, it is time to sign up for the hardest 50k you will ever do! The Wasatch Speed Goats are ready to show case a new course that treks through Snowbird Ski Resort. Registration opens today, please follow the Speedgoat50k.com and sign up now!! Bahahaha~ Three Scrapes!!!

Wasatch Running Center

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Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


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7 thoughts on “Speedgoat 50k 2008

  • Paul

    Congrats, just saw your name in the WS 100 entry list. Just curious how you pulled it off. You completely deserve the slot, but why did they make you wait so long and/or who had to promise what to get the key to Greg’s gate.

    Given the way the lottery now works, you should be top ten until you’re in your 50s.

  • Josh

    Really looking forward to the race and testing myself on the mountains I grew up around. Are you going to have those unique trophies again.

  • Mom and "Old" Goat

    Karl here, on another computer, We will have the awesome trophies again, the goat legs are already at my house and mounted, also super killer age group awards, and a few unique awards for random runners. Not to mention TONS of prizes. I am also working on a cash prize for top 3, hopefully 500 bucks to the respective winners. That is not set in stone, but is likely to happen! Put you’re hoofs on boys!
    Me getting into WS100? Greg called me and offered me a slot, I was reluctant to take it simply because I don’t think I am the only one who deserved it, and I lobbied the best I could to get in about 6 others I believe should be in…that didn’t work, the race is still not what it could be, and that’s a damn shame. Western will be my last 100 of the year as I will attempt to break the Appalachian Trail Record starting in early August North to South. Check out karlmeltzer.com for further info on that.

    The Speedgoat of the Year voting is in it’s preliminary stage, and we welcome any additions or corrections to our list of performances. We also are making this a male/female vote meaning the women are treated just like the men…we are all the same, there will only be ONE Speedgoat of the Year, Performance of the year will take home a Goat Leg for the one race effort! Keep the comments and corrections coming. We will have poll voting set up soon, just bear with us!, the ridge is slippery! Baaaahhhh, Karl

  • Roger Skaggs


    A small correction is needed on Kyle & Erik’s 2007 San Juan results. They did not tie, Erik won the 50k and Kyle won the 50 mile.

    That is an impressive list of runner’s and results you have assembled. I hope the ultra community can figure out how to get more top runners into the mix at the big events. Until then it’s shades of the BCSC mess.

  • dewittrunner

    Karl – your first instinct was correct; you should never have accepted the slot. You’re a great runner but I’ve lost a lot respect for your integrity after this whole WS thing. So if you had gotten in via the lottery, would you even have cared that a bunch of other great runners were left out?
    – paul

  • Karl

    Paul, I will always say the race is not what it could be, because I did try to lobby the others to get in, that was Greg’s decision. The fact that Columbia holds slots for the top 3 in those other California races is part of the problem. Perhaps me stirring up all this got me in…we’ll never know that, but at least it brought this “issue” to the attention of the Ultra world. You can now not respect me if you want, and that’s you’re decision, I’m just gonna keep on running with a smile on my face and enjoy today, as tomorrow may not come…….Whatever
    I originally planned to run Western one time when I turned 40, well I just turned 40, then I’m out to do other things. And just for the record, I was there the year Matt Carpenter boycotted Pikes Peak. When he did that nobody that day really cared, nor do we care now. It made no difference. And since I only live once, I’m gonna run!

  • Manners

    Run Goat run! Enjoy it!
    Also- good luck with the Appalacian Trail. I cant wait for the SpeedGoat 50k. Thanks for putting on such a great race. I enjoyed it last year and will enjoy even more this year!