Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k ended with comments like  “that’s the hardest thing I have ever done!”  Talk about rugged trail races, the Speedgoat handed out 10,500 feet of climbing in 30 miles with steep descents and never ending climbs. This years winner Nate McDowell smoked the course in 5:43 to set the scrape for next years runners. Nate’s wife Petra won the race last year so now they each have a goat leg trophy, three scrapes !!

The woman’s race was won By Anita Ortiz  who ran steady all day to complete the course in 6:07! Nice shot of Anita at the top of Snowbird’s cirque traverse.

Nate McDowell                 Anita Ortiz                     

Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

Super thanks to Dave Hunt and Jim Skaggs for your volunteer work ! Great run team, we had 4 goats in the race, full race report coming!

Speedgoat 50k Photo’s by Thomas Martens

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