Speed Goat – Downhill Running 3

Running downhill is like skiing, pick your turn ahead of time and punch it through the technical sections!

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3 thoughts on “Speed Goat – Downhill Running

  • cb

    Scott and Karl,
    Enjoyed the video, I also saw the uphill version on youtube. I’m comfortable with the downhills having a mtb and skiing background, but am probably doing too much walking on the climbs. I think the cadence advice is key, but one thing I’ve been wondering is how much time (if any) you guys spend up on your toes or balls of your feet when climbing – or if it’s steep enough to need to run on your toes is that walking time?? I seem to run up on the balls of my feet with my heels in the air when climbing, wishing I had achilles tendons that were about 2 inches longer… Anyway, just something I’ve been wondering about. Keep up the good work – and good luck at SD100!