Justus Fitzsimmons – New writer for the WSG Team

My names is Justus Fitzsimmons, Scott asked me to help the Wasatch Speed Goat blog to post race results and updates about the trail running scene! Here’s a little about myself. I’m 16 years old and I live in Lehi, Utah. I’m pretty new to ultra running. I’ve run and finished Antelope Island 50k, Squaw Peak 50 miler, and the gut wrenching speed goat 50k. I run cross country for my high school. I met Scott while helping at speed goat 50k last year and I paced him through part of Wasatch 100. And that’s how I got hooked into this! Hopefully I will be able to post a lot of stuff. But with school and work it can be pretty hard!

Also, I’m a second year team member for the Wasatch Speed Goats!


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