Mt. Timpanogos – Utah 7

mountain goat carcass

An old goat carcass.
Mt. Timpanogos

We did a monster trail run up Mt. Timpanogos on Sunday, this is our local Heber City mountain that sends you up a 7 mile climb with 5000 vert. Robert Redford has his little ski resort here called Sundance . I ran with Mark Scholl (Medical support for the WSG 50k) from Salt Lake Regional Medical center, Joan Parker a WSG 50K runner and local runner young Josh Turner. What a massive climb crossing snow and scree fields to top out at 11,700 with a 5000 vert. descent to the car! This will test any trail runners fitness level!
Timpanogos shack

Hut 2 miles below the summit


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7 thoughts on “Mt. Timpanogos – Utah

  • ryan

    What a great place to run! When I ran it last july, I was hailed on during the last mile to the summit. I was sitting in the summit hut shivvering, in a tshirt and shorts, wrapped in a space blanket (lucky planning!) waiting out the hail storm while looking down into provo – where it was sunny and 90+ degrees! Gotta love that mountain weather.

  • Mark

    Good planning, Ryan. We didn’t have any hail, but by the summit hut, it was pretty windy which got chilly fast…think I broke a touch of a sweat on the way up. Really was a fantastic run, nice to do it with a training mentality because I did try to stop and appreciate the incredible views of the waterfalls, fields of flowers and amazing rock walls in this majestic place, although my head must have been down grinding it out enough to miss the goat carcass (nice pic). I think Scott had enough time on the rest of us that he got to explore around a bit more, find dead goats, renovate the summit hut, read the complete works of Tolstoy, by the time we made it up. My watch gave me 6880′ of ascent, nice push. Should make it an annual pre-goat training event.

  • GBM

    Scott, nice post! I hope you were able to get up and above all the smoke crushing the valleys and mid-level terrain. It was a nice looking carcass, that’s for sure. And how I would love to sit down in some snow these recent weeks here in Utah! We need precip and bad 😐

  • Josh

    I want to be a speedgoat so I can run like you. It felt like I was standing still when you flew by me. I had a great time and will be at the speedgoat race next year when I am in better physical shape. I missed the carcass but saw some of it’s family members near the top. Anyway thanks again and I will see you on the trail.

  • wynn

    Yo! leave that carcass for me for next year, in case I run out of gels there may be some protein left and some potassium in that marrow.

    go get em this weekend goat