Montrail Vitesse 9

WASATCH RUNNING CENTER COMES THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH AND GETS 10 SCRAPES FOR EFFICIENCY! On a random discovery, Glen Gerner at WCR found a pair of 9.5 Montrail Vitesse just in time for the McNaughton Park 100 slated for Saturday. I have been waiting for Vitesse for a long time because of back order issues. These beloved shoes of many should now be in stores as I have finally heard they are being shipped out and will be in stock again soon. Get the SPEEDGOAT DISCOUNT of 10% if you print off this article and coupon then buy them at the WCR in Sandy Utah,
Enjoy the ride, it is now soft again!


Sign up on-line for the Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app

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9 thoughts on “Montrail Vitesse

  • phantom51

    I’ve been limping along in the same old pair of Vitesse since Rocky Raccoon. Nothing else comes close, I don’t care how old the design is. I don’t understand (ankle breaker) trail runners that have you stacked up like two inches high off the ground and have no feel for the terrain.

  • Christian

    Being the conspiracy theorist that I am (sometimes), I believe Montrail are claiming the Vitesse is “backordered” so we’ll find one of their models to our liking, while waiting for the one and only Vitesse. Every year it seems to get more difficult to find them and I have yet to find a suitable replacement. Do you think I need to start a petition? Go on a hunger strike? Burn my old Vitesse on their doorstep? Viva la Vitesse!

    p.s. Vitesse is French for speed…

  • WSG Post author


    Karl and I have the same theory, they tried to push another type of shoe on us, we will fight for the Vitesse to live on !! Did you get the map info? Karl’s desrip might not make sense, I was playing with google earth a little, it seems
    like it will work.


  • Barry

    Thanks for the info. Monday I’d finally broken down and taken the screws out of my really old Vitesse and had them in the rotation so I’d save my newest pair for CPTR 50 and Leadville if needed. FYI, the really old pair (circa 2003) were screwed and did a 25 mile, 6k worth of climbing ice and rock run last week, no problems other than the screws coming through on some of the really nasty sections. Keep up the great work.

  • Dave

    Akamoogy – McNaughton (the 100) starts this Saturday at 6 AM – you can wish Karl luck. Although he may have left to fly out there by now? I live about 2-1/2 to 3 hours north of McNaughton. Right now its about 35 degrees, wet, drizzly out here. I don’t think its supposed to be very warm this weekend.

    I used to feel about the Adidas Marathon Trainer the way you guys feel about the Montrail Vitesse. I used them for 6 years; then when they discontinued them, I bought a handful of pairs. Now (and don’t throw me off), I use the Inov-8 line. I don’t have the Utah-sized rocks; just a lot of dirt, mud, and tree roots.

  • WSG Post author

    I just talked to Karl, he ran the 10 mile loop in 1:40 which would be a 16:40 finish. He said no way with the mud, the 150 mile runners start first and the course will be hammered the time the 100 milers start. Sounds cold there but Karl said it is a real nice course~Good Luck Meltzer BAHAHAHAHA


    Race update before dark and the AM

  • Wahsatchspeedgoat

    It really doesn’t matter what the course is like…nothing can be as cold as the Bear 100 last September. It is balmy in Peoria, compared to Bear.

  • WSG Post author

    Meltzer has knocked off 7 laps already and if he keeps up the tempo we will have a new course record~if