Montrail Vitesse at Moosejaw 6

For all you Vitesse fans Moosejaw has a boat load of our favorite trail shoe in stock. The cushion ride is available for the 2007 season. Back orders with Montrail has made it difficult for us trail runners to locate the Vitesse the first part of the season. The mighty Zane Grey is my next race and there is no way I could run that race in any other shoe! Let’s hope the Montrail Vitesse remains with us for a few more seasons! It’s the only trail shoe you can run through the rocks with confidence, with that big toe box and the stabilizer on the outside of the sole, there is no other shoe that performs in the rocks like Vitesse!


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6 thoughts on “Montrail Vitesse at Moosejaw

  • phantom51

    Size 12s are gone already. I’ll assume for good. If you close your eyes the Cascadia feels remarkably similar. And I can get them local, anytime I want, no waiting.

  • B

    Hi All,
    I’ve never had a chance to try on the Continential Divide, how do they feel compared to the Vitesse? I’ve found a great price for them but not sure about fit. I tried the Hard Rocks but they tore my heels apart. Thanks.

  • Karl

    Continental Divide’s are similiar to Hardrocks with a stiff plate, They have great traction in the mud. They run a little small, order a half size larger than normal, they too, however, can be tough on the heels. Wahsatchspeedgoat

  • Christian

    I found a pair for ridiculously cheap on last year. I have to say that they are a nice backup, but not a substitute. It feels like you’re higher off the ground and they have slightly more cushion. Not quite as stable as the Vitesse in my opinion. The Cont Div’s are also a bit warmer which was nice for the winter runs, but my feet are roasting now that it’s warmer.

  • phantom51

    My opinion they couldn’t be more different. Fit? Mine fit great in the same size as the Vitesse, but to me they seem like the center of gravity is two inches higher than the Vitesse and it feels like trying to run trail in a pair of John Travolta’s stacks from Saturday Night Fever. I emailed Montrail when I couldn’t get the Vitesse to see if they would recommend something but never got a response. Probably because my email made no sense trying to describe what I was looking for in a shoe. I suspect someone that has been trail running in a road shoe would be OK with the Conti, but I couldn’t go from the Vitesse to the Conti. Scott hooked me up at — they seem to have a full size run of Vitesse in stock where my local outfitter couldn’t get any directly from Montrail.