JFK race weekend, Mackey tears up the big hole! 9

Mac Daddy tears across the big hole!

Dave Mackey has recently re-written the Grand Canyon Doublecross recordbook flying across the ditch in 6:59 and change. Kyle Skaggs ran 7:37 last year to throw in another chapter, but Mackey just chiseled it in stone at the South Kaibab Trailhead. Running the classic route from S. Kaibab and back, the 41.6 mile route climbs over 11,000′ all on technical trail with the mighty mule train to even slow him down a bit!

JFK 50 this weekend

The race with many mystery men and women has the largest field ever with 1300 runners chasing Eric Clifton’s record. Keep an eye on it. Greg Crowther, with a win here could take home the ultimate Speedgoat Trophy with a stellar year behind him. Pete Breckenridge, Mark Lundblad, Mark Godale, and Kwijboo himself should contest for the win. Or could it be the ultimate Husband-Wife victory as Mark Lundblad and wife Anne have an outside chance of doing just that. It’ll be a speedy one. We’ll have results as soon as possible.

Leland Barker Squaw Peak 50 2007


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9 thoughts on “JFK race weekend, Mackey tears up the big hole!

  • Karl

    Mackey’s record is mind-boggling, I would love to know how fast he ran down from the North Rim to Phantom Ranch. It’s fast and runnable, and like I said,The record is chiseled in stone for now. It really puts this performance as one of the top performances of the year. And of course, it will get overlooked, except by us. Mackey did alot of stuff under the radar this year in terms of Ultrarunning. Even Carpenter could win the Speedgoat Trophy for all he has done. It’s gonna be a great vote!


  • Chris Russell

    Speaking of great performances what happened to Matt Estes? He had an unbelievable performance at HURT and since then I don’t know if he has raced.

    Although, to me the performance of the year was the lady (forget her name) who was the only one that completed Arrowhead 135 in the foot division (all self supported). No one else was close with temperatures being 30 below. Unbelievable persistence.

  • Wynn

    Yep, I stated that a few month ago regarding Sara Lowell’s performance at Arrowhead 135m. I can tell you it was colder than a polar bear’s toe nails during that race, being from the upper midwest. Although a groomed course, it is still very hilly with only one aid station. She managed to get lost, slept on someone’s porch with her tent. Got back on track and finished, only finisher on foot this year.

  • Dave C

    I agree (re Dave’s record). Looking at Kyle’s splits from last year, he obviously burned his matches too early, as Cottonwood to Phantom should be the fastest section by far. But it requires some serious fitness to not have your legs and feet chewed up and spit out by overenthusiastic descending from the North Rim.


  • Mike Mason

    Estes ran and won the Vermont 50 a couple months back in a crazy time. I believe it was the course record. Matt doesn’t run many races but when he does he shows up in sick shape.