Columbia Sportswear Combines Montrail and Mountain Hardwear Brands 14

Columbia Sportswear Company has announced it will combine the sales, marketing, and service units of its Montrail and Mountain Hardwear brands. Effective May 1st, the Montrail brand will be overseen by the Mountain Hardwear management team headed by president Mike Wallenfels.

Montrail makes hiking and trail running footwear, while Mountain Hardwear makes mountaineering equipment, clothing and accessories.


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14 thoughts on “Columbia Sportswear Combines Montrail and Mountain Hardwear Brands

  • Trailrunner Lance

    Yeah it’s ashame. I sent Montrail a technical question regarding their shoe line several months ago. Received a reply from someone in customer service at Columbia who didn’t even attempt to answer my question, just referring me to their website.
    Anyone out your direction try the Ozbo Ignition yet? Designer worked for Montrail, Vasque, and Keen so it ought to be good.
    Looks like a very good shoe but I can’t find locally.

  • WSG Post author

    No Ozbo Ignition yet, let me know if you try them! I am working with a designer from Nike trying to make the ultimate 100 mile shoe! Stay tuned!

  • Mike Mason

    Not to morph this to a shoe discussion but I have been running in the La Sportiva Raceblades lately and love them. Don’t know that I would use them in a 100 mile race, but for distances 100k and shorter (even the little hard 12Ks) it’s an awesome shoe.

  • WSG Post author

    Hi Mike,

    I agree with the Fireblade, I am not sure what shoe to use for the 100 mile trek? Meltzer used the Fireblade at Red Hot and was ok with them.

    Still like the cushion on the Vitesse. ??

  • shoes

    Maybe I’m a geek, but finding a new trail shoe is not easy. For the road I could probably take any neutral trainer off the shelf and be happy enough in a mile or two of break in. Trail, I’m super picky. About 90% are un-runable (too rigid, clunky, high off the ground) and I need a few hundred miles in a shoe before I’m confident to cut loose in the rocks. Most people’s idea of a good technical seem to be exactly opposite of mine. The nastier the terrain, the lower to ground and more flexible I want a shoe. I go into an outfitter shop and they show me a shoe that seems like nothing but a low-cut hiking boot and I shake my head “No” and they say “But this is the best selling trail runner in the US.” so I ask them if they’ve “actually run in that thing?”. That isn’t exactly how it happens, but close.

    Somewhere between Vitesse and Cascadia. That would work for me.

    Nike huh?

  • Mike Mason

    That’s a tough call. I suppose if the course is not too techincal either the Raceblade or Fireblade would do, but I’d probably want a little more Vitesse like umphf for 100. For all my knocking of Montrail, the Vitesse is like running in bedroom slippers. So comfortable. Unfortunately, I’d bet the Vitesse is discontinued – not “cool” enough…

  • Shoe

    Montrail kind of sucks…with the exception of the Vitesse and Hardrock. I’ve run in the Vitesse for years and have never had any problems. The only shoe problems that I have had are with that POS Hurricane Ridge…Old and New. The old ones were great, but they ripped along the front side (you know where, if you ran in them) and the new ones had that crappy plastic top shoe eyelit break right off. Nice Product.

    Anyway, trying to call Seattle and get information from someone who wasn’t coming down from a Starbucks bender was impossible.

    It started with Scott J and the dissention continues…

    Sorry Montrail, I can’t feed my kids shoes for dinner, how about a little something something.

    And, the reason why they are cancelling the Vitesse is because the Columbia office people can’t pronounce Vit,.. Vit,… ughh…Vit..Tess..Eeee.

    Yeah, sweet. Where’s my windbreaker.

  • WSG Post author

    Montrail is now Columbia grade! ha~ You can see the difference when Columbia changed manufactures!

  • Marco

    Is that why I can’t find the Montrail Hard Rock at REI anymore? I really like that shoe for the long runs. My feet don’t hurt as much.

    Marco D

  • Trailrunner Lance

    On the Nike perfect 100 mile shoe, go back to the original Air Zoom Steens, add a little toe box room, shave a little weight and you’ve got the shoe basically designed.
    The Steens was the only Nike I’ve ran trails in and haven’t considered any of their latest offerings.
    Good Luck on this!