The Montrail Nitrus 10

Looks Like Montrail come out with another killer trail Shoe!!

“The NITRUS moves trail runners another step forward with a faster ride and better forefoot flexibility. The breathable and light-weight upper is reinforced with ultra-tough monofilament mesh for protection without bulk. A multi-density midsole and Terrahex shock absorption technology transitions smoothly from road to trail. Runners of all ability levels will enjoy the fast, stylish, and well-balanced ride.”


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10 thoughts on “The Montrail Nitrus

  • Steve P

    So, Karl….is this the shoe you’re going to wear now that the Vitesse is going to be discontinued?????


  • Todd Segraves

    Do you happen to know when the nitrus will be available in stores? I’d like to try a pair for my first marathon but I’ll have to get my shoes pretty soon.

  • Admin Post author

    Hey Todd,

    I will find out a release date for you, it may take a day or so~
    What type of surface are you racing on? The Continental Divide is a real smooth ride if it fits your foot.


  • Moogy

    Vitesse being discontinued? NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! These are my fave boats. I alternate between the Continentals and Vitesses depending on the course and I too have been looking forward to the Nitrus debute. Will have to now go stock up on the V’s.

  • bazzo

    i have a Nitrus and for me is tooo hard and nont more flexible;i hope after use.
    Best regards from Italy!!!

  • Andrew

    Just bought the Nitrus. They feel like the Nike Zoom Air Elite (Very Comfy) but with a very rigid sole. They also have great toe wiggle room, if you are partial to the freedom of chacos. They are also very breathable and have a soft tongue with no odd pressure points over the metatarsal (ie. the CTC). This is just what I was looking for in a lightweight trail shoe.

    I don’t expect them to be great trail runner’s because of the rigidity (more rigid than the vasque blur) but I believe they will offer excellent load support and stability on unlevel terrain as the top of the shoes does not seem to stretch much.

  • Lars

    I need a very neutral shoe for a big guy that tends to roll ankles…could this be the shoe for me??