Zane Grey race report 10

Well, what can I say, that was the hottest ultramarathon I have ever run! The Zane Grey changed directions and turned up the temp’s to test ones self management skills! The course was so technical a hiker couldn’t even get their rythym through the softball size rocks! Kudo’s to anyone who made it through that race, the new direction has 1500 less vertical but seemed more difficult then the other direction? Go figure~ It was a pleasure meeting fellow Speedgoats on the course like Steve Pero, Ryan and his salty buddy Sean, bahaha two scrapes! Did you like the goat roll? Thanks to Dave Hunt and Phil Lowery for the shuttle service~way to go Joan Parker!! My training partner who nailed third place for the women! two scrapes!

Camp site, twas the night before Zane Grey

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Sign up on-line for the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app

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10 thoughts on “Zane Grey race report

  • Sean Cunniff

    That was about the most graceful ultra roll in history! You nailed the landing like Mary Lou Retton! Baahh!!

    That Zane Grey was extra hot, but I am the happy beneficiary of some sweet UltraGen and now I am in the fast lane to recovery!

    Mucho scrapes on such a strong finishing kick and thanks for the tasty recovery beverage. It was a perfect palate cleanser before I sampled the finish line brews. Baaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

  • Wynn

    Yo Goat, way to butt heads with course! Congratulations on a fine finish. My parents still went out to AZ to visit friends that weekend and said it was hotter than billy blue blazes! Looks like I need to do some sauna training before that race in the near future.

  • olga

    It’s a hiker’s course:) and it was tougher than last year! Congrats on a finish, I can’t wait to go back!

  • Ryan Wixom

    The goat roll was genius!, and didn’t seem to slow you down. I can tell you’ve perfected that move storming down from Gobbler’s. That was one hell of a trail. Strong work putting 30 minutes on me during the last push. I had stomach problems on the climb, which also happened when I ran San Juan. After 40 miles, any uphill makes me want to hack up a shot-block, but my stomach feels great on any flat or downhill slopes. Do you have any speedgoat wisdom for that problem?

  • WSG Post author

    H Ryan,

    It was a great day in the heat, ~ I used to have stomach issues also. I limit my food to just a couple items, peanut butter and potatoes. I make sure I have no acidy food, like oranges, In addition I have 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of energy drink so I don’t get to much sugar. I eat 1 gu every 30-50 minutes with water, Last but least, every time I feel my stomach tweek I take a e-cap with water and this seems to keep the stomach in line!! If you puke, drink lots of water w/ e-caps and keep moving, you will come back-and push the gu down during the recovery phase.

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and Sean, leave the girlfriends alone at the aid stations they will slow you down! just kidding~

    Wasatchspeedgoat-two scrapes bahahaha!

  • Ryan Wixom


    Your goat powers have made you clairvoyant. At the aid station where you caught us, I ate several orange sections on my way out of the aid station. My stomach turned south shortly after, which is why the goat roll was the last time I saw you.

    Strong work. Now I’ll probably win the WSG50k…. or come in 30th.


  • WSG Post author


    1. perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses
    2. foreseeing the future

    1. someone who has the power of clairvoyance

    Great choice of words! you and Sean WSG50K?

  • Sean Cunniff

    That Wixom is good at talkin’. Especially for a scientist.

    There has been some chatter over here in NM about making a trip to UT for some Speedgoat 50K. I am something like 5,042 on the Hardrock list so I better find an alternative to get my fix, Hardrock just isn’t the same without Meltzer anyway. If I don’t do the Tahoe 100, I’m there.

    FYI, I’m still on the UltraGen bandwagon, I’ve had a great recovery. Maybe it was all of my awesome girlfriend massages, but I can’t discount the role of UltraGen. Good thing, I’m off to Massachusetts for the Wapack 50 next Saturday – I’ll need all of my strength restored!