Zane Grey is up for grabs ! 7

ZANE GREY PROMISES TO BE THE MOST COMPETITIVE 50 MILE TO DATE THIS YEAR! Torrence, Koerner, Brimhall, Skaggs, and Krupicka will toe the line for the first ever backwards Zane Grey 50. A record will be set as this course will reverse direction for the first time making it a downhill course. Well, sort of downhill. On probably the rockiest course on earth, these guys will probably round out the top 5 when they make there way to Pine Creek Trail head near Payson, Arizona. We are sure they will fly thru the “Burn Zone” and seek needed shade when the competition heats up around mile 35. Enjoy boys, I’m gonna miss ya! One more crack at Massannutten for me! Can’t wait to see results! Three scrapes for real competition! Wahsatchspeedgoat…baaaahhhh~

Predict your winner and post it under comments !

Sign up on-line for the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app


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7 thoughts on “Zane Grey is up for grabs !

  • Steve

    Skaggs will win!
    Deb and I will be somewhere in the back 😉

    Good luck at MMT100, one fo my favorite trail 100’s!

  • Steve

    Kyle Skaggs!

    Deb and I will be bringing up the rear 😉

    Good luck at MMT100, my 2nd fave trail 100…2nd to Hardrock!

  • Karl

    Here’s a Wahsatchspeedgoat prediction…Krupicka, Brimhall, Skaggs go out hard while Hal and Ian are not far behind. One of these three lose it around 30 miles and Ian and Hal go by. The remaining two at the front duke it out and Brimhall comes out ahead in the end. If Brimhall is the one who loses it, Skaggs and Krupicka lean at the tape. Skaggs has run this one before and has a little edge on experience there, Brimhall as well and is light and fast. Krupicka is just fast and hasn’t been challenged yet (to my knowledge) running on softballs. Hal takes third and Ian said he will sweep up the carnage and ends up 4th. Enjoy the ride boys, no crashing! Wahsatchspeedgoat…baaaahhhhhh

  • Wynn

    My bracket looks like this:

    Koerner- (like a true vet!)
    Skaggs- (redemption song)
    Brimhall & Krupica (white knuckle tight)
    Torrence (the last one laughing)

    Wish I could be out there, but try and do some business at IceAge.
    Looking forward to a few visits at Zane however.


  • FastEd

    Golden boy (krupicka) has pulled up lame with some sort of hamstring injury so I doubt he will go. Those other silly boys (Ian and Hal) are gonna beat each other up just like Hardrock a couple years back. And Skaggs will be silly enough to go with them. Brimhall is primed for another win @ Zane

  • Rogue Runner

    Alright, alright, alright…….pretty good but I think you have it all wrong. Torrence better laugh hard, cause it’s a long ways to the bank, and Brimshot and E should remember how hot crown king was and keep it cool,real cool. So that leaves any other fool who has not been running in 85 degree temps to fry….. Give it up for K. Skaggs he’s the youngest, right? Youth is served, well 31 is young, isn’t it?