Way too Cool 50k 7

Way to Cool is shaping up to be a real competitive race, there are so many fast people running I have no ideal who will win. Check out Karl Meltzers odds, he picked Matt Carpenter and Suzanna Beck for the win! This will be a great test for the young Skaggs and experienced Scott Jurek going up against the mighty Matt Carpenter. Stay tuned should be a killer race!

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7 thoughts on “Way too Cool 50k

  • Bryon Powell

    The field at cool was solid last year, but looks pedestrian compared to this year! If the weather nice and course is in good shape, there should be some amazing times this weekend.

    Mongold’s 3:44 at Holiday Lake out of this world – easily sub-3:30 at WTC.

  • wynn

    Hey guys! Speed Goat Team! Kick ass man! Say I am sending Karl the 2009 SOTY award sometime next week. Let me tell you this sculptural piece will be worth every grueling mile run by those going after this one. Hal’s gonna be jealous when he sees this one, unless that is he makes it a pair this year!

    We’ll have to see who can take the pressure and deliver the goods! Or like the ol’ man used to say about pressure, “Breaks kites, and makes Diamonds”. We’ll have to wait and see who makes the diamonds come Jan 2009.

  • WSG Post author

    Thanks Wynn,
    Speedgoat of the year should be huge next go around. I will do a monthly post to review contenders~

    Nice work on the INOV running team ! You surely deserve IT!

    I might need a trophy for wsg team runner of the year. The goat awards are taking over the scene!

    c-ya soon!