WASATCH 100 produces two course records 14

Kyle Skaggs makes it 7 for 7 and another CR at Wasatch this weekend! Another Speedgoat record falls as Kyle Skaggs takes another 8 minutes off the WF100 course record at 19:35!It was not surprise to see Kyle go out fast and hang on. A 32 minute cushion at Brighton made it happen. The only record the Speedgoat has now is the last leg, (Brighton to the Finish) at 5:05. Kyle ran 5:33. What this does mean for the future, is, the record can now be even faster, somewhere around 19 hours if the fastest splits are run. No-one really knows how low it can go. Speedgoat odds fared well as the top 2 were picked easily and many on the list made the top 10.

Roch Horton and I ran a textbook performance to slip under 24 hours for the first time in 7 tries. Cheers to Roch for making it happen.

Liz Irvine proves to be the mystery women in this race and takes down Moehl’s record. Start to finish was the way to run this year as Liz Irvine proved she can hang with the best on the trail being the only women this year with a Crimson Cheetah finish with a stellar 23:29. I only saw Liz at Brighton and she looked better than everyone when she bounced in to the warm cozy aid of Brighton Ski Resort. Roch and I chased her but never got close enough, she was tough all day. Betsy Nye put together another Wasatch in classic form and finished second. Next year if she runs we’ll make sure we don’t miss her on the odds list.

I paced John Maack who ran a very even race all day, despite running with a heavy heart, John was able to keep his eye on the prize and worked through some stomach problems early in the day. John stayed focused and determined throughout the run to post (almost) even splits from beginning to the end ! His ability to run the downhills the whole last leg really helped improve his time from last by over 1 hour and 20 minutes along with less down time. John is 2 for 2 on the Wasatch 100 course, he will be a consistent finisher for many years to come! It was fun seeing Mr. Gates all morning running for his 23rd Wasatch 100 finish! Congratulations Rick!

Hats off to another finish for Dave from Virginia who just finished Leadville, Kelly Korevec and Brennen Wysong who both broke the 28 hour barrier. Way to go Leland Barker who just posted his 9th sub 24 hour finish at the Wasatch 100!



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14 thoughts on “WASATCH 100 produces two course records

  • Dave Yeakel Jr

    Scott – it was great sharing a few miles on the trail with you again, even if you did make it look way too easy. With cell phone in hand I kep thinking you were ordering pizza for me….but it never arrived….maybe next year!

  • CharlieM

    Speedgoat, can’t believe you let a young punk take your record on a day you were on the mountain! You should have dropped Roch, caught up to Kyle, and at the very least paced him onto a wrong turn for a mile or two. Or, you should have run the whole 100 yourself and skipped the switchbacks ala the Europeans, then you might have gone sub-18. 🙂

  • Karl

    Olga, You are right Ann Trason does hold the “race” record. She set that record the first year I won it in 1998. She also won 7 100 mile races that year and set records everywhere. She is the only person that has won more 100’s than I have in a calendar year. Her time was 22:00-22:30, something like that. Ann ran that time to the Midway Church. There is a significant difference in courses now, we like to say about 45 minutes. The old Wasatch 100 course finished the last 9 miles on a dirt road, 6 of those miles being a fast gradual downhill. If you saw the last 9 miles of this course (and the other changes) you would see what I mean. Liz Irvine-Record Kaysville to Homestead. Wahsatchspeedgoat

  • olga

    Thanks, Karl, I thought it’s something like that. Now with courses changes everywhere it’s hard to keep track. What you have to do is kick some dust and win more 100’s!

  • Brennen

    Nice meeting you out in your neck of the woods, Scott. Like my young friend Kelly, I swore off Wasatch like liquor after a hard night of drinking–but my hangover was a little shorter than his. I woke up Monday morning scheming ways to whittle off some time on that course. And even if I came out again and spent the whole 36 hours, I’d still be a very happy man–that’s some beautiful country you have out there. Let me know if you ever make it out to NYC. We can go dodge traffic in Time Square to prep for rocky downhills.


  • Mike Mason

    Karl – next time, slip a little Visine in his water bottles… does the trick everytime 😉

    Seriously, congratulations to Kyle and everyone else tough enough to start this race. It’s a doozy. Was great to see so many goats.

  • Kevin

    I haven’t seen any comments about Wynn’s amazing run.
    Wynn defines STUD MUFFIN. Yep, Wikipedia ‘Stud’ and you’ll see Wynn’s mug shot.
    So Thursday before the Wasatch, Wynn is riding his bike to work like many awesome Salt Lakers, and booof, he gets slammed by a pill popping Utah Mom driving her Low-Book Sales Audi – while talking on her phone to her Bishop, doing her nails, on the way to yoga class before going to rockcreation … Or maybe she was talking to her attorney on her way to the JCC, but anyhow, blammmo – our poor used-to-be good lookin’ boy Wynn is down and bleedin, bleedin bad! Bleedin words out his mouth I tell ya. Anyhow, he has to pull some under-worked Utah Physician off the golf course on this sunny Thursday to get his head stiched, shoulder fixed, and road rash patched. He turned up at Sugarhouse Park on Friday looking like a hung over Harley rider and sure enough he was there Saturday morning at the start.

    Hat’s off to ya Wynn!!!!!!