Ultracentric 24hr 11

105’……….Lets do the math! Ultracentric 24hr Over the course of 24 hours Connie Gardiner could not muster up 53″ an hour to capture the US women’s 24 hour record. Man was that close! Nonetheless a stellar effort racking up 145.26 miles and taking home a whopping $4000 first prize*. Akos Konya stayed few inches per hour ahead, outdistancing Connie by less than a mile at 146.33. Good Stuff!

Next up, the North Face Challenge in San Fran! Thought $4000 was a solid winning prize? $10,000 is on the line for the winner here. Second takes home nadda (in terms of cash). I pick Carpenter to finish off his money winning season!


Wasatch Running Center

first-endurance-1.jpg blackdiamond_horiz_hires_.jpg


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11 thoughts on “Ultracentric 24hr

  • Rod Bien

    Are you going to run the TNF challenge? I know you are a big supporter of prize money in the sport. Was wondering if you were going to support the event? Hope to see you out there!
    Rod Bien
    Bend, OR

  • Karl

    Yes Rod, I am a big supporter of prize money in races, however, since there rarely is prize money for me to win at 100’s I have no money to get me to San Fran, you got some extra? Wish I could be there! I do certainly support the event and hope it’s a sprint to the finish, hopefully someone will at least U tube it.

  • wynn

    What a battle it will be. However sometimes we get stuck in our little ultra niche. Ya never know if some darkhorse elite marathon dude, or fast runner who doesn’t run ultras, but can blitz the distance could show up and burn everyone since there is a decent pot at the end of the rainbow.
    However Uli and Matt are fast and will be dog fightin’ till the end, or one will blow up.

    Hell if I was one of a number of sub 2:30 marathoners or 2:20 marathoner looking for some dividends to patch a middle of the pack showing at the Oly.Trials last month. Just a thought

  • Bay Area Beach Slug

    Hey Folks –

    I’m here at The North Face and we’re gearing up for the big event this Saturday. I’m super jazzed to see all the top talent making the trip … Karl, I wish you could get here. I noticed that E Skaggs was in the Bay over the weekend to win the Quad Dipsea … maybe Kyle will hang around and take a shot at the Endurance Challenge.

    I’ve posted the 50-mile entrant list down below — updated as of this morning. How about the Speedgoat laying down odds — or trying to spot the dark horses?

    Michelle Barton
    Rory Bosio
    Mark Bowen
    william brand
    Richard Brass
    Donato Cabal
    Patrick Callahan
    Alex Cardenas
    Matt Carpenter
    John Collins
    Louise Cooper
    Charles Corfield
    Robert Cowan
    Chris Crayner
    Devon Crosby-Helms
    Ofie Cruz
    Ed Diffendal
    mark donaldson
    David Dowd
    Anthony Dunnigan
    Susie Dyck
    Eric Edelson
    eric Edelson
    Jason Edwards
    William Emerson
    Jun Funaki
    Karl Gilpin
    tracey gold
    Charles Graver
    Laura Guest
    Ron Gutierrez
    Lennard Hachmann
    Sean Harrington
    Fumitaka Hatanaka
    Elizabeth Hawker
    Tricia Hernandez
    David Hodges
    Jochen Horn
    Rachael Hutchins
    Alfatah Kader
    Phil Kochik
    Hal Koerner
    Joe Kulak
    Christopher Lanzafame

    Will Laughlin
    Scott Lennox
    Gustavo Leone
    Jean-Bernard LOUVET
    Rob Lyle
    Ernesto Matal Sol
    Asaf Matatyaou
    Heather McCord
    Guillermo Medina
    Michael Mey
    Sally Meyerhoff
    Sandra Miller
    Joe Mitchell
    Mieko Morita
    Justine Morrison
    Brian Myers
    Taylor Neal
    Andrew Nguyen
    Elliott Otto
    Chantelle Pabros
    Oliver Parker
    Van Phan
    Daniel Piper
    Mauricio Puerto
    Paul Saladino
    Jose Santana
    Leigh Schmitt
    Mark Seaburg
    Kami Semick
    Jenn Shelton
    Liz Shy
    Caren Spore
    Uli Steidl
    Ronald Stowers
    Marty Thomas
    Robert Thurmond
    Jim Truitt
    diane van deren
    Matt Voltoline
    Lawson Willard
    kathy Winkler
    John Wood
    Brian Wyatt
    John Wysong

  • james varner

    in response to wynn: uli is an elite marathoner (12th at boston this yr and a 2:13pr i think) and an elite trail runner he just won the usatf regional club cross country meet and has the course record at the white river 50 miler which has been the uastf trail 50 mile championship for about the last 5 years. some roadie isn’t going to come and sneek up on uli he can do it both on the the trail and on the road. however i’m not ruling out any of the top trail runners on the list like carpenter, koerner, kochick, kulak, medina or even ol’ emerson.

    i’d be highly surprised if either of the skaggs brothers ran it. they drove back to ashland saturday afternoon–after erik has narrowly missed breaking carl anderson’s previously untouchable record. kyle has his sites set on next year not this weekend. it’s too bad though kyle and erik are in my opinion the two runners to be most feared in the ultra world these days– not becasue of what they’ve run so far but because they’re just getting started and who knows what they’re capable of!

    other than those two in my dream north face race i’s also like to see jurek, meltzer, mackey, wolfe, bien, pacheco, krupicka and halekas added to the already top notch line up.

  • Karl

    Carpenter wins by 10 minutes over Ulli Steidl, Making it worth $1000 a minute. Steidl will hang with Matt until the hills wear him down, Carpenter will just keep flying. So here it is,
    Carpenter 3-2, vo2max…93
    Steidl 5-1, the gazelle
    Schmitt (Darkhorse from Vermont) 8-1
    Kochik and Koerner 9-1, duke it out for 4th
    Medina, Morrison, Emerson mop up the rest 5-7
    A few mystery men to ruin my predictions
    Then the women come in:
    Semick 4-1, best experience on these trails
    Devon Crosby-Helms 7-1, fast, unknown to many
    Jenn Shelton and Caren Spore, 12-1 fight for top 3
    A few mystery women to ruin my predictions

    Enjoy the Show!

  • Bay Area Beach Slug

    Hey Guys –

    A quick update. Uli Steidl beat out Carpenter. The two of them waged an epic battle up to mile 44 at which point Carpenter reportedly said something like, “You’re tough, I think I’m done.” Uli ran roughly 6:58 on a course that climbed about 11,000 feet. Carpenter second. Leigh Schmitt third. Steve Towers fourth. Rod Bien (YEAH!) fifth.

    Lizzy Hawker bounced back from jetlag and a nasty fall in the early darkness to win. Afterward, she was carted to the hospital to have her knee looked at (she’s OK). Bev Anderson-Abbs, a late entry, was number Two. Jenn Shelton skipped, hooted, and hollers in her own colorful way across for third place.

    Hope all are having a good weekend.

    (Garett Graubins)