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Registration is open for the 2008 Squaw Peak 50 Miler ! This is one of the toughest 50 milers in the country next to Zane Grey and Lake City’s 50 miler. This will be my seventh run at the Squaw Peak and it never gets any easier. The course has about 20,000 combined vertical and has a super technical downhill from mile 40 at Windy pass down to mile 46.5 to the pavement. You can really loose a lot of time on this section of the course if you are not able to run the steep downhill, so save some legs for this section. If you want some beautiful views and like to cross avalanche snow fields this race is for you!


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One thought on “Squaw Peak 50

  • Wixom

    No denying that Zane Grey, Lake City, and Squaw Peak are extra tough 50s. However, I think the Jemez 50 in Los Alamos, NM deserves a berth in that list. Despite younger Skaggs making it look simple, it is a brutal and beautiful run.

    My plan this year included Squaw Peak and Wasatch (along with others), but I found out I’ll be on travel for work the first half of June. I got my trail running start on that climb from Provo Canyon up to Squaw Peak and I wish I could return to reminisce. I’ve also volunteered at SP50 before and I highly recommend this race to others.

    ABQ, NM