San Diego 100 – Meltzer gets another win 6

Goat time w/ a little pressure = 17:46 stay tuned for details~

Meltzer wins the race and akaMoogy wins the bet calling out a 16:37 finish time! What size shirt do you where?

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6 thoughts on “San Diego 100 – Meltzer gets another win

  • akaMoogy

    Awesome job Karl! I felt kinda bad having the *slowest* time posted but since I got the schwag…BOOYAAA!
    medium is good.
    moortgat at iodp dot tamu dot edu

  • Jasper

    Great race for Karl. I was there crewing for Kim Holak (womens winner in an awesome 19:48) and got to watch the whole thing. Karl was looking pretty down around mile 50-60 and said he was feeling really sick. Sander Nelson had a good push and got as close as ~25 minutes. When we told Karl the competition was right on his tail, though, he found an extra gear and put the hammer down. It won’t go on the list of Karl’s greatest race times, but to be able to close it out even when feeling pretty bad – that’s impressive.