San Diego 100 trail race 29

Meltzer heads to the San Diego 100, karl jumped in his car to drive 13 hours to run 16 hours. Now that is a Ultra, 26 hours of driving and 16 hours of running ! Take a look at Meltzers last performance at San Diego and predict his time, the winner gets a Wasatchspeedgoat 50k race shirt. Leave your guess in the comments and we will see who wins!

What will be my time goat man says?


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29 thoughts on “San Diego 100 trail race

  • Tony

    I’m saying 16:23 for Karl at SD. Looks like roughly 9-10k’ of vertical? All spread out in 1000′ climbs=fast course.

    Speaking of fast courses…geezus, Javelina is a pancake! One 600′ climb per loop (spread out over 5-6 miles)? So, it should be only about 4k’ for the whole deal… that might be the least vert of any 100 miler out there!

  • dewittrunner

    Ok, I’ll get in on this…..16:16.

    The comments on the travel time vs. race time were something I always think about too (last weekend was 17 hours driving to run about 14.5 hours). All I can say is, the ratio is always better now that I mostly do ultras. Nothing like travelling 2000 miles for a 5K.

  • AJW

    I’m going with 15:59 for the goat.

    And Tony, you’re right, Javelina is super flat. Gotta run every step. Makes Rocky look like a Mountain 100. In other words, a perfect end to a long season for me.


  • Zach

    go goat man! tired legs? but stubborn heart…which will prevail? Mr. Mutant will go 16:06….or better, i hope. DO IT!!!

  • Clint

    i’ll proffer a guess, too…15:30 (he’s going to be jones’n to run after 13(!) hours in the car!). rip it, meltzer!

  • Karl

    OK, well I guess we all predicted a little lower than I ran. 17:46 was well over an hour slower than the slowest prediction. What can I say, it was good enough to win it for now. The course was deceptively harder than we thought. The highest GPS reading we got was 12,700 in climbing. Extremely minimal compared to most ultra 100s. Lots of soft sand, with a cupped trail making it hard to really run fast. The fire roads were the most technical parts, the 90 degree temp made it a little slower, with a breeze decieving us with hydration. Sound like whining……no way, just another day at the office, and I ‘m sure glad to be home on the couch right now. I will say the record is somewhat soft and very much breakable by at least an hour. Something to possibly shoot for in the future. Thanks for all the predictions! It is super cool to sit here now and read all this.
    Javelina is a pancake, if you don’t run every step, it feels like standing still. There is about 1200″ vert per loop. Some up and downs in the middly make up for it. BAAAHHHHHHH! Wahsatchspeedgoat

  • Jill Childers

    Karl – I worked the aid station at Ben Bend mile 80.6 and you were hauling butt and looked fresh as a daisy out there! This new two 50 mile loop course in Cuyumaca is way different as the PCT. While the results are not up yet as Paul Schmidt is busy working the fires here in San Diego, from what I saw last on the aid station log, many, many people dropped, as many as 45 from the 103 starters, so hats off to all those who finished, it was a tough course!