Meltzer leading Hardrock – 26th 100 miler win just in sight? 7

Karl Meltzer is cruising through the Hardrock 100 and just crossed the slot at Virginia’s pass with about a 41 minute lead!! Karl and I just ran Bighorn three weeks ago and he’s back out there to to win the toughest foot race around..!! 50 Scrapes..


Karl Meltzer-Bighorn 100

26th 100 mile win is just in sight for Karl ? If you know a 100 mile ultrarunner¬† who’s run at this level for this long leave a comment..


New record for this direction?  Jurek was 26:08:34 50 SCRAPES!

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7 thoughts on “Meltzer leading Hardrock – 26th 100 miler win just in sight?

  • Jerry

    Congratulations on your Hardrock win. Every since I chatted with you at McNaughton I’ve been a huge fan and love following your progress. Come back to Pekin someday and run the course when it’s dry and I’ll treat you to golf at WeaverRidge.
    Take care,

  • B. Pure

    Nice work! A truely impressive performance!
    Perhaps a slight correction needed though:
    The new course record for that direction in the ‘Male Sticks’ (ski poles used) catagory. I do think it is time we start differentiating the catagories.

  • Kevin

    Karl may be a Male Stick, but he’s faster than I’ll ever be!!
    Nice work Karl!
    Actually I was poking fun with him at the finish for looking like a Euro tweeker Ferengi using those sticks! He said that they really helped.
    … so maybe another catagory would be a good idea??

  • Robert Youngren

    I think Eric Clifton has had a long successful career in the 100 mile category. Sure he strikes out often, but when he connects; it’s a home run! Karl is an amazing runner in the 100 mile trail category, hands down. He just needs truly race at his potential over at Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc!! He’s well seasoned with the Euro poles now so he’ll be in good company over there!