Meltzer crushes Bear 100 record 47

Karl improved Hal’s record by 1hour running negative splits: 18:50, nice run!

Stay tuned for the full scoop!

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47 thoughts on “Meltzer crushes Bear 100 record

  • Geoff Roes

    congrats on another impressive run karl. if i’m counting correctly that’s your third 100 course record this year and 4th 100 win, plus a 100k course record on top of that. i know you were shooting for 7 100 wins to top last year but in coming up short of that you’ve still had an amazing year. it’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around just running 10 100’s in 2 years let alone winning 10 of them as you have done. you’re one crazy dude. and i mean that in the most positive way. get some rest.

  • terrance

    Ok, so with some major performances behind us in the past couple weeks (100K champs, spartathlon, Karl’s last 100 of the year) let the Ultrarunner of the year and performances of the year games begin…I’m going to give Scott the edge over Karl for runner of the year because some of Karl’s 100s were against little competition. Performance of the year? That’s a tough one. Hardrock CR? Nippert’s world 100k? Krupicka’s Leadville? What do people think?

  • AJW

    My 2 cents….(I am biased toward 100 milers)

    Male UR of the Year — Scott Jurek (Hardrock CR and another Spartathlon win)
    Female UR of the Year — Nikki Kimball (Western States and Mont Blanc wins)
    Male Performance of the Year — Anton Krupicka’s Leadville (followed very closely by Scott’s Hardrock, Kyle’s Wasatch and Hal’s Western States)
    Female Performance of the Year — Krissy Moehl’s Hardrock


  • JJ

    lets see.. (AJW, i’m biased to 100 milers, too)
    Male UR–Jurek, Meltzer one-two and then it gets fuzzy…Crowther? (road championships+2nd at Miwok), Krupicka? (very fast Rocky and Leadville wins) AJW? (vermont/teton wins, 4th at WS), Skaggs? (Zane Grey, Lake City, and Wasatch wins), AJW? (vermont/teton wins, 4th at WS)–hard to say how it’ll shake out

    Female UR-Nikki for sure

    Male Performance–Krupicka’s Leadville is solid. Carpenter’s record is the toughest in the country and Anton was only 30 minutes off that and was a full hour under Dewitt’s old record of 17:16. He ran the same time as Hal at WS and Leadville is probably an hour slower than WS. Jurek’s Hardrock is very impressive as well, but it’ll be interesting to see what Skaggs or Krupicka can do if they tackle that course in the future. Lon Freeman’s Miwok is also notable. Skaggs’ Wasatch and Krupicka’s Rocky should probably also be mentioned, too.

    Female Performance–Jenn Shelton’s 14:57 Rocky Raccoon. That is so fast. Krissy’s Hardrock…obviously great. Both of Nikki’s 100 milers this year were outstanding.

  • wynn

    where is the love for the gnarly root and rock ridden runners of the midwest and East. Hello………… Matt Estes!!!! Smokin’ time at H.U.R.T.
    albeit the lists above are spot on as well.

  • Karl

    OK, a good start to the voting. I, too have to vote for Scott to take UROY, No doubt the two impressive wins at Hardrock and Spartathlon are awesome, although at this point he has done NOTHING else, and dropped at Mt. Blanc. Subtract a few votes for that.
    My 4 100 wins were all solid performances but yes, not much competition, although the three records are something to think about, If I had not broken records it would be different, and a solid 29 hours at Hardrock, even though beaten by Scott, another fast run, and a fast one being the 4th in 13 weeks. I also dropped at Mt. Blanc so subtract a few votes for me.
    Krupicka didn’t do enough to win UROY, his day will come for sure!
    Kyle Skaggs was unbeatable everywhere at all distances, even at the Trans-Rockies road race less than two weeks after Wasatch.
    Let’s not forget Hal at Western, running on the Duncan Canyon course in 16:12. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but Scott Jurek’s time of 15:36 was a different course and much faster?) Hal is right in there for Performance of the Year. A drop as well at Mt. Blanc…subtract a few votes.
    Crowther had a great early season, but not enough yet to earn the covetted (sp?) title.
    Lon Freeman at Miwok was awesome and could slip into Performance of the Year, but nothing else leaves him lagging back.
    Goggins, although not winning anything (I think) has now run 9 100’s and finishes up near the top in all of them, a very solid year again, but get’s no respect without a win…he should get some notability.
    So here is my prediction (at this point, and the season is not over)
    1. Scott Jurek, cuz’ only a few great wins CAN win this award
    2. Kyle Skaggs, or Karl Meltzer
    3. Karl Meltzer, or Kyle Skaggs
    4. Greg Crowther, but still needs one more solid performance
    5. Anton Krupicka, Leadville was too fast to fall out of the top 5

    Shame on everyone for not mentioning…Matt Estes at the HURT 100, he wins hands down for performance of the year, his 20:43 is like a Carpenter Leadville…unbeatable! Better than Scott’s Hardrock, Anton’s Leadville and Kyle Skaggs’s Wasatch, and my Bear…easily!

    On the women’s side Nikki Kimball again wins it outright with Western and Mt. Blanc on top of the list with the DK challenge coming, should be an easy vote, unless Krissy Moehl does something to override her.
    Krissy was awesome at HURT, Hardrock and everywhere she ran, Krissy will get this title eventually, and very much deserves it. She was awesome all year.
    Well, there is my opinion, keep your’s coming, I am sure I missed something, help me out!
    Perhaps next year, I’ll eat more goat feed to get back to the top!


  • AJW

    You are right on with Hal’s run at Western States. The course he ran 16:12 on is considerably tougher than the one Scott ran 15:36 on. In addition to Duncan Canyon, the course Hal ran had a steeper start (3 miles to Escarpment instead of 4), a climb up Little Bald Mountain (this was not on the original course), and the Pucker Point Section. Combine those three things with Duncan and I think it’s 30 minutes tougher for the fast guys.

    And, if I could vote (and I can’t!) my top-5 for UROY would look like this:

    1. Jurek
    2. Meltzer
    3. Koerner
    4. Skaggs
    5. Krupicka

    And, for the women:

    1. Kimball
    2. Moehl
    3. Africa
    4. Bon (CR at AC!)
    5. Semick

  • Tony

    hmm…guess it’s time for me to say what i think…

    First, great run at the Bear, Karl! Great day, or was the record soft? I can’t wait to see what you do in the Grand Slam next year (maybe without some of the early season 100s in your legs). Anyways, on to the fun.

    UROY-The Contenders
    Scott- Hardrock and Spartathlon…Karl’s right in that he hasn’t done a single other thing this year (Kami almost got him at Miwok…), but the two big important wins are huge. I’m not sure how a DNF at UTMB fits in. That’s definitely the first goal race that Jerker hasn’t pulled through on, but his other wins are hard to deny. Don’t forget, also 2nd place at 100K nationals. That will probably put him on top.
    Karl- 4 100 wins and 3 CRs definitely earns some respect, plus a decent 2nd at Hardrock. also a DNF at mt blanc…that race seems very interesting. The McNaughton CR/win is kind of a gimme, though. Still a win, though, and a 100 miles in the legs, for sure.
    Skaggs-undefeated with a solid schedule: some jackrabbit jog down in TX, chuckanut, ZG, jemez CR, lake city, and Wasatch CR. if he had broken the CR by more at Wasatch (like he’s entirely capable of doing) he maybe would’ve had a shot at the top spot. Karl and Scott are going to have to have some magic to beat out Kyle next year.
    Crowther-two national road championships and a very solid world’s performance, plus the miwok 2nd place…solid schedule, but it seems roads get less respect. dropped away in the meat of the season…SUMMER.
    Hal-Huge WS win, Old Pueblo win, Silver state 50K win (and CR?), ZG 3rd, plus some other things i’m forgetting i’m sure. he’ll be up there.
    Myself-admittedly a pretty lean year, but the races I did run weren’t bad. Rocky Raccoon in 13:32 was 3rd fastest behind Clifton and Jorge; pretty solid effort. collegiate peaks 50 was a sub-7hr CR but clearly a local race without much comp. hurt for 2months. High Mountain 50K win in leadville…another local race with no comp. 16:14 at Pbville off of 5 weeks of training. i was very pleased with that effort and it’s solid. like that guy above said, a full hour under Dewitt’s old record. now i’m hurt again, otherwise i woulda been battling the Bear with Karl.

    so, i guess that leaves it pretty much exactly how Karl placed ’em above.

    Nikki’s WS was awesome. only trason is faster, and only by 1/2hr or so. same with mt. blanc. what a tough runner. 19th OVERALL in that huge race, too. CR there too. plus, all the other stuff–2nd at miwok, white river champ, etc.
    Krissy–HURT plus Hardrock makes her a very close second. she’ll snag it one of these years.
    Kami–in there somewhere because she’s always top 3 whatever she does; just can’t remember her results off the top of my head.

    Performances of the Year
    men–hmmm. Leadville was fast and deserves respect. I wish i knew the HURT course to give Estes some love…i’ll take Karl’s word that he deserves to be up there. i think Scott’s HR and Kyle’s Wasatch are about equivalent. breaking Karl’s CRs, but HR’s a longer race so 30 minutes is about the same as 8min at Wasatch. Nippert’s world 100k is up there. Hal’s WS and Freeman’s Miwok are great, too. Jorge slipped in at 3rd last year with 13:16 at Rocky, and i only ran 16 minutes slower this year…

    soooo…1) My Pb/Estes’ HURT (maybe i’m biased, ha.) 3) Scott’s HR 4)Freeman’s Miwok 5)Kyle’s Wasatch….i don’t know, this is a tough one

    women-Nikki’s WS, Jenn’s Rocky, Nikki’s Mt. Blanc, Krissy’s HR…i think Jenn deserves some respect here.
    i’ve completely neglected runners like Ann Lundblad, though…

    keep the votes coming.

  • Tony

    geez, i completely forgot about Darcy. Very consistent this year, but it seems like she can never quite pull out the big win against legit comp (she did run incredibly well at Cascade crest, though)

  • Wynn

    I mentioned Matt Estes performance, lets also not forget Sarah Lowell, who was the only finisher by foot at this years Arrowhead 135 mile. And if you’ve lived in the midwest you know how damn cold it gets, especially in northern minnesota. And the Arrowhead trail, groomed, but is not picnic either. Racers experienced the coldest race to date. Racers were dropping like flies throughout the 2 days.


    1. Jurek
    2. Meltzer
    3. Koerner
    4. Skaggs
    5. Crowther
    Jurek will seal the deal for sure if he busts 160+ miles at ATY.

    1. Kimbal
    2. Moehl
    3. Africa
    4. Bon
    5. Semick

  • Jasper

    Hard to disagree with any of the above. Jon Olsen also turned in a great performance at Rio del Lago a few weeks ago – 15:31. I think this is the fastest 100 this year other than Tony’s Rocky and Serge’s Umstead, on a somewhat harder course than either of those. Might crack the top five performances…

  • Markus

    First of all congrats to Karl again!
    Great finishing time.

    About the UROY:
    1. I think Scotts 2 performances are awesome. Winning the Hardrock, not the easiest of the mountain trailruns in the US and the Spartathlon. Probably the most difficult roadrace in Europe. Yes there are only 2 performances but in what kind of races.
    2. Karl with all his course records
    3. goes to Kyle and Anton still “Beginners” in the Ultraworld but which what kind of fast performances.

    With the women I think Kim and Krissy are up there.

  • Karl

    Man…this is some good stuff! Tony makes great points, sorry I missed the RR, Not only your super fast time, but Jenn’s too. You are right, her time at RR is spectacular and I hope it does not get overlooked. Her time is definately right in there for Performance of the Year.
    I’ll have to say Mr. Crowther did a few more things than I thought,and actually in the Ultra Mag voting, roads seem to count more than trails…seems silly to me, but that is how it is.
    I obviously missed a few of Mr. Koerner’s efforts, I’ll throw in a few more votes for him, all his times were great.
    When it comes to the Leadville race, Tony’s time was freakin’ awesome and if Carpenter hadn’t turned in that 15:43 then Tony probably would have performance of the year, however, it reminded me of last year when I ran 27:07 at Hardrock, it is hindsight now that the record is 26:08 but last year it was still 2+ hours better than anyone had run there and the 27:07 was a ho-hum, Karl does that every year attitude. It was a damn fast time. And yah, when Tony and Kyle get in that race Scott’s record will fall again and my 26-27 hour efforts will be far in the past. Jon Olsen will get some love for sure on Performance but because the comp was not that strong, I guarantee it will be overlooked as well as Serge’s Umstead, it’s a shame. This year will be awesome in the voting arena.

    And yes, how can we forget about Darcy?…and Anne Lundblad? both these women were awesome at every race they ran, Darcy’s smile at the finish and Anne’s toughness at every race, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. We have to put these two right in there for spots 3-5.

    When we finally vote for Speedgoat of the Year in early January, we should have all the info put together to put a true, unbiased vote. Perhaps the ultimate winner should recieve a goat leg? Where are you Elwood?

    Keep the comments coming on this, by December we should have all the info together.


  • Wynn

    I have a wonderfull goat head with horns for an award, but a leg is also there if ya want, thanks to a sick goat that we shot, chopped its head off, burried the head and 3 months later and a little bleach bath the other day, a wonderful skull. Goats name was Happy. Probably not so happy anymore, in the end we’ll all be taking a dirt nap though.

    I agree, Anne winning her 7th national title this year.

    lets also not forget wisconsin and ultra legend Kevin Setnes 100km championship finish in Madtown in early spring. Nasty ass weather, stiff comp, and he comes out 3rd overall and sub 8:00, not bad for 54 yrs. old.

  • BFish

    Although I agree with others top 5 also need to mention AJW. Any other year and he would be top 5 UROY candidate with another very strong WS, wins at Vermont & Grand Teton. We’ll have to wait and see what he can do on a fast Javelina course.

  • Tony

    Speedgoat of the year, eh Karl? that’s right, take the politics out of it (and the roads? haha). Karl, which of your old CRs do you think was “faster”, HR or Wasatch? Which is better this year, Scott’s HR or Kyle’s Wasatch?

    With Jenn’s RR we need to remember that no women has ever run faster for 100 miles on trails. Not even Ann Trason. Jenn went through 100K at that race in a time that would’ve qualified her for the selection pool for the 100k world champs, and then still ran ANOTHER 40 MILES at 10min pace. She was only 5 minutes behind second place overall.

    As for my Pb vs. Estes’ HURT: Karl you make a very good point and I remember thinking the same exact thing about you HR performance last year. I was like, “geez, Karl was only 30min off his own record in that race”…probably deserved to be WAY farther up the POTY list than it was last year. But, what I want to throw out there is this: does anyone really think that if Carpenter went to Hawaii he wouldn’t just crush Estes’ record? Matt’s performances are typically unreal because he peaks very single-mindedly and because he is maybe the best trailrunner ever, period. I mean, Matt ran basically as fast at Leadville as the CR at Western States! But, on the other hand, Estes DID take TWO HOURS off Karl’s record at HURT…it’s hard not to sit up and take notice of that. So who knows…

    Finally, I’m sure Setnes will be very high up there–if not at the very top—for age-group POTY. But, the POTY award, i think, should go to the absolutely objective BEST PERFORMANCE, not factoring in age (for instance, i don’t think Mike Hayden’s Burning River deserves any credit, because he was 3hrs behind the winner…).

    great points, everyone.

  • Geoff Roes

    I think the debate/discussion going on here really points out just how many impressive performances there were this year. i was thinking about it last night and was able to come up with ten 100 mile course records just off the top of my head. i’m sure there were at least a few more i’m not remembering and with a few more 100’s before the end of the year there may be more to add to that list. In all it has to be about 1/3 of the 100’s in the country now have CR’s from 2007! not that a CR is the only gauge of a great race but clearly there were more impressive performances this year than a typical year.

  • AJW

    This is fun! BFish, thanks for the shout and I am honored you thought of me. However, clearly the top-5 I listed above (Jurek, Meltzer, Koerner, Skaggs and Krupicka) deserve to be there more than me. I did have a solid run at WS and it should count for something that I have four consecutive top-10’s but I was also running conservatively. Vermont was solid and the comp was there (not like the other “majors” but close) and I was happy to get the Bridesmaid Monkey off my back. Teton, I must say, was a pretty fast time considering the 20K of climbing but the comp was light. So, I probably deserve a spot somewhere in the second 5 and I’ll be happy with that for now. Then, we’ll see how things shake out in the Grand Slam in 2008:)

    On the Jenn Shelton thing Tony is absolutely right. In 2006 I ran 14:57 at RR and even though I got smoked by Jorge I was running pretty fast (and I ran every step except when I was puking). Her time there deserves to be considered along with Nikki and Krissy.

    Keep the votes coming!


  • Wynn

    sure Carpenter could probably smoke HURT if he got in some training on nasty trail, not that he needs it due to his insane abilities. My point is, sometimes I think we need to take an ego check at the door, in the fact that, I agree with all of the finishes mentioned above, and the ratings are great, spot on and done by fantastic athletes, but lets face it…… we’re but a fart in the wind compared to what many olympic and trial elites could do if they trained for just one ultra per year on any of these courses. Can you imagine what Tergat would do to a course, or Gebrelessie. He would make ultra folk look like snails. I go to races to win and to have fun, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t fret over the fact that there are incredibly talented eilte runners that would put a whoopin on any of us. I mean look at Steidl, Carpenter and they aren’t even close to some of the incredible elites. Okay, you are now free to retaliate on my rant.
    I’m just happy to compete hard, run my guts out, have fun in the woods, and be happy I’m healthy. And as Karl would say, maybe try and win a silly award.
    all in stride and perspective I guess

  • Jasper

    I for one am not totally sure that Carpenter would crush the HURT record. I haven’t run Leadville so it is hard to compare, but it seems like people think it is a few hours slower than WS. I’d say HURT is more like 5-6 hours slower than WS. There are about 20 miles total of runnable terrain on that course. 20:43 there is phenomenal. So is 16:15 at Leadville, though. It will be fascinating to see how the voting goes.

    Remember, a lot of good trailrunners tried hard to break 24 at HURT, and no one could do it before Karl. Everyone who had run that course thought Karl’s time was already way out there before Estes stepped up this year.

  • Wynn

    THANK YOU!!!!! JASPER someone that runs nasty trail. Not to take anything away from Leadville, but the course is a boulevard compared to HURT. If you want even worse trail, I suggest trying the Superior Sawtooth where the 101.6 miles is singletrack, rock, cedar root infested, career ending descents 20,000 of relentless toe stubbing, climb climb and bombadier, like a damn jigsaw puzzle. only 1 mile broken up into about 200 yards tops, are there actually brain relaxing clear running and oh how sweet it is. I know I was doing sub 7 minute pace exiting Mystery Mountain to the finish on the gravel. Look at Crowther at States, and that isn;t really all that technical either.

  • Tony

    It’s great to hear the different opinions.

    Wynn, I certainly don’t want to turn this into a debate about track/road runners vs. ultrarunners a la…because I agree with you that there are heaps of athletes out there more talented than myself, Karl, Scott, or even Matt and Uli. However, i still believe that there is never a guarantee that that talent would translate over to the trails and the 100 mile distance. I think Greg Crowther is a great example of someone with obvious shorter distance road skills and ability but who has a hard time on the trails and the 100 mile distance. Believe me, I’ve been incredibly humbled by the NCAA system where on any given weekend I could easily get beaten by 40 or 50 other people in an 8K XC race…and that’s just Div III! For me, ultrarunning’s just an excuse for getting out in the mountains for hours on end…but the competitive side is still a lot of fun to discuss!

    I’d love to get out to HURT in the next couple of years and see what the course is like. Also, Matt C is plenty skilled on technical trails…I assure you.

    Finally, AJW, you still have Javelina coming up, right?…another win/CR there would certainly move you further up the list!

  • Karl

    Ok, I would have to say if Matt Carpenter trained only for HURT, he might go under 20 hours, but not necessarily, that course is so slippery, wet, rooty and rocky, course conditions matter alot. Just for the record Carpenter is a wizard on technical terrain. Steidl would have no chance at HURT. Matt Estes ran in the best conditions anyone had ever seen before in Hawaii. It typically rains daily there and keeps everything very wet and ugly, not to mention being a 20 mile “loop”, (which is really a series of out and backs) where everyone hits it 5 times, twice in alot of places. Even in the best of weather the mud gets all churned up and ugly no matter how much rain.

    We are but farts in the wind, but I don’t necessarily think someone like Tergat or Gabrelessie would necessarily hang over 100 miles of tough terrain, but would love to see it happen, man, would that be cool. They would start out real fast, and it would feel ridiculously easy, but likely (at least in their first 100) it would catch up with them, just like some of us would.

    It would be interesting to go run an 8K race against Division 3, they would have to give me at least 10 freakin’ minutes headstart, and they would still have 3 beers down before I finished…maybe I’ll run in the Masters Division,(its only 2 months away) I would only need a 5 minute headstart to have a slight chance, but more than likely, they would have 3 beers down too.

    Cheers to Haile Gabrelessie, a new world record, I watched that guy run the World Record half marathon in Phoenix (?), it was incredible to see someone cruising at a 4:20 pace, damn, that’s fast!

    One of these days I will see the Superior Sawtooth, but not yet, it’s on the list.
    And last but not least for now, The Goat Skull with horns is the ultimate prize, we have to create some kind of Speedgoat of the Year award, and don’t worry, noone will have to throw down the 20 bucks to join the club like the USATF, we shouldn’t have to pay to be in the vote. NO HEADPHONES FOR YOU! Keep it happy,

  • Wynn

    Look forward to it Karl! let me know when it happens and I’ll give ya red carpet treatment. It would suck to have to fly into MInneapolis and then catch a short flight to Duluth. We could just drive up in about 3.5 hrs from were I’m at. Larry was excited when I told him it was on your list. He is finding another way to go down Mystery Mountain at the finish to make it as close to 100miles as possible, instead of 102.6, I say we head back up to the gondola on top of Moose Mt. for sh%$ and giggles, then bomb to the finish.

    I will send out the goat skull, it is quite bodacious indeed. You can even take the outside layer of the horns off, Like a big ol’ toe nail!!

    I’ll send it out to ya this week. I just have to super glue one tooth in. Be cool if it was a traveling award.

  • Karl

    Forgot something, I think Jurek’s Hardrock gets a few more votes than Kyle’s Wasatch, not because Kyle’s wasn’t awesome. I think Kyle can go faster, knowing what his second half splits were, I am not quite sure Scott can run much faster at Hardrock, you would have to ask Scott about that. Only he can answer that one. Kyle knows he can run faster.

  • Wynn

    Tony and Karl both make great points. I do believe there are runners that would kick major asses, but I have run against plenty of 2:20 marathoners who have buckled in ultras, and not just 100’s or 50’s, but 50km’s! I really notice it on the trail like Tony mentioned. I think Bruce Fordyce hits it right as well when he speaks about his performances at Comrades. He felt that many of the fast/super skinny guys, typically marathon, 10,000 or shorter did not have the leg muscle or strength to go further, which I believe. I run quite a bit with our local D111 college in town for speed stuff every now and then. There are guys that would smoke me in the mile, but they’re also held together with bailers twine, and would fold like a deck of cards if they had to go any further.

    I was unaware Matt C was a technical genius, I knew Matt E was. My kinda courses. Good stuff

  • AJW

    Tony, yup, still have Javelina on the calendar this season. I’ll give 15:25 a shot but would be happy to go under 15:50 (Kulak’s time:) Still don’t think that would get me into the top-5 with you guys. However, I’m happy with my season regardless. Now if you just cut out those old school 250 mile weeks maybe you wouldn’t get hurt so much:) Karl never gets hurts and he claims to run 50MPW (or something like that!).

  • Rogue Runner

    Ah, the keyan ultrarunner debate. I can only say that I have to agree with Tenacious D with regard to the “Bendy” song.

    Kyle to JB: Yeah but anyone could do that.

    JB to Kyle: BUT THEY DIDN’T.

    laughing at the obscurity of it all.

  • cb

    Not that I will ever know what it’s like, and it wouldn’t affect the voting, but it seems like there’s another aspect to consider in the 100’s with ‘light competition’. Take Karl’s Bear CR – pushing to a record while you are hours ahead of the next placed runner, and with no pacer to boot. That’s worth a lot in my book. Can’t rely on the competition to push you…


  • AJW

    Yeah Rogue Runner! I was wondering where you were in all this. I think we should all laugh at the obscurity of it all, and, if there’s any time left, we can smack talk! Or, at least, have some kind of blister contest.

  • Geoff Roes

    I think there should just be an Ultra Runner of The Year race: Take everyone who’s won at least 2 ultras in ’07 and ship them up here to Juneau for the steepest, rootiest, muddiest, most scenic trails you’ll ever run (OK, perhaps i’m being a bit biased but there are miles and miles of some pretty bad ass trails here). We run the race and wherever you finish is your place for ultra runner of the year. ok, not the most representative of who had the best year but you must admit it sure would be sweet to have all the top performers running in the same race. (it’s funny what one will daydream when training alone everyday for over a year in an isolated, rain drenched town – i just want some fast people to run with but i don’t want to have to leave alaska to have that).

  • Mike Mason

    If we were to limit POTY to 100 mile runs, I’d have to go with Estes at HURT. His performance there falls into the “freakish” realm. Perhaps I can only truly appreciate this because I was there to watch it happen. Even though the conditions were optimal (for HURT) the course was still a train wreck of roots, mud and generally crappy footing. Toss in some brutal humidity and heat (in January) and it blows my mind. Unsure how anyone could keep his head in that game long enough to run sub 21 there.

  • Karl

    I think alot of times I have run my best when I have a huge lead. Hardrock 2001 (26:39) noone was even close, Wasatch 19:43, noone close, Bear 2007 18:50 noone close, Javelina 15:25, noone close, San Diego 15:48, Josh Kinda close. Mt. Blanc, everyone close….I bailed, is there a trend here? Nice words CB, I appreciate that thought. Pacers only aid in a runners time, extra light…etc. Noone should be allowed a mule to carry things or light their way. I think it is the American way to have someone else do something for them…a.k.a., It’s easier!……Not that it is easy to run 100 miles, and a pacer is a safety net for what? Off the pacer subject, Hard to say if the Scott’s Hardrock record would have happened if I was not there…we’ll never know. Karl

  • Karl

    All we need now is a corporate sponsor to ship 25 or so runners to Alaska to all race for the Ultimate prize……….Speedgoat of the Year, Not just Ultrarunner of the Year, I mean cmon,’ there is a goat skull at stake here, horns and all!

  • Mark T.

    OK, maybe this is off-the-subject and totally late, but just wanted to congratulate Karl on another record. You are unmatched in belting these stellar performances out through the whole year.

  • Geoff Roes

    ok wynn, that goat skull is awesome. that’s going to be the real prize for a lucky badass to go home with this year.

    here’s my take on the UROY:
    1. Meltzer
    2. Jurek
    3. Skaggs
    4. Krupicka
    5. Koerner
    6. Crowther
    7. AJW

    I think Scott’s HR is the performance of the year, but in my mind 2 great races don’t stack up to the 4 or 5 that Karl has had when you are talking about ultra runner of the YEAR. I think most would agree that Hardrock may have been a different race if Karl had focused as much time on that one event as Scott did. and i don’t mean that to take anything away from what scott did at hardrock but when you’re talking about UROY i’m not sure that scott out performing karl at hardrock means quite as much as it would have if their approach to the race had been equal. scott hadn’t raced in about 2 months and spent the last month in CO training on the course. meanwhile in that time karl was out doing what he’s done all year, another 100 every 5th or 6th week, winning and setting cr’s in most of them. i know it’s easy to look at karl’s season as coming up shorter than he was shooting for but in coming up short i still think he’s had a more impressive season than anyone else. i think if any other runner had had the results that karl has had this year they would be considered to have run away with the UROY, but because karl was gunning for 7 100 wins and only came up with 4 everyone seems to be dismissing that 4 100 wins (and 3 cr’s) is still more impressive than what anyone else did. something to think about anyhow.

  • Wynn

    Wait till you see the finished product. Nice hunk of Wisconsin lumber with wood burned designs with skull in tact. Eat your heart out USATF. USATF is like (PMTT) Professional Musky Tournament Trail that I was going to team with a guy this year on, as we were invited on to the tour but the $300 entry fee, and the ridiculous TWO! page list of bulleted rules made my head spin. Felt like I was paging through golf rule book. Put the kabosh to that. Rather just go out on my own bandit style.

    As far as UROY: I agree. I will be quite blunt and just get to the gritz & gravy of the matter. Yes, there were strong runners, but lets get right to the top two. Geoff nails it with his list, but here are my top two…

    1. Goatboy Meltzer: Why he wins? More than once CR this year, unlike Jerker, each race Meltzer did he ran a fantastic time and not just use one as a training run. Had Jerker won Du Blanc I would give him the edge. Again we have to wait and see after ATY.

    2. Jerker: well I know I should be pulling for my “native son” Northwoods style, but it’s fair game at this point. Jerker races like textbook. Peak for a major race. Throw in a few for training purposes. Like I said, if he pulls out something special at ATY…. that must be taken into consideration. If one of those dudes won Mont Blanc the decision would be made. But, I give the edge to Karl in the fact that he posts great times each and every race. Just my 2 cents,

  • Karl

    Nice words Geoff, It is true that because I won 6 last year, the 4 doesn’t seem that much, most elite runners don’t even think of running 4 hundred’s in a year unless it is the Grand Slam thing. The ability to just keep banging them out month after month should count for something, and when I don’t run a 100 miler, I’ll throw in Moab 34 mile just for fun and beat some roadies there too. Winning 16 100’s the past 4 years should count for something. Last year when I won 6 I had a great chance to win 7 but a Korean showed up at Massannutten and surprised me, not taking anything away from him, it was really the best performance of the year,but not by an american, even Scott’s Spartathlon last year was not as good in my mind. MY second place 17:59 was completely overshadowed by Jae Duk Sim’s performance. As far as records, only one other person has won 4 100’s in a calendar year…Eric Clifton won 4 in 1991 with very little competition, I won 4 twice in a calendar year and 6 last year. If I remember correctly, I won the voting 154-150 over Mr. Jurek, I was really dissappointed it was that close, should have been a runaway. Goes to show the Voters at Ultra Mag still like one or two performances better than 7. And Jurek’s Badwater was not that impressive last year, he won with a relatively slow time. OK, I am rambling. Cheers to the mighty Goat Skull, us goats should have a safety meeting on the ridge to give the award out. Later for now, Karl

  • AJW


    Great post. And I agree with everything. I have run three 100’s a year over the past three years and have just now worked up to 4 (at least I’ll have 4 after JJ). It’s a grind, but it’s fun. And, now that I’ve won a couple it feels even better. Looking forward to the Slam next year plus that Coyote 2 Moon thing in March.

    This has been a great thread!


  • Wynn

    I think when it’s all said and done for me, as Karl makes good points, but when it’s all said and done in my mind…… the quesion is great performances were had by many no doubt. But what other runner produces the times that Karl does IN THE TIMEFRAME HE DOES THEM…
    That to me singles him out from anyone else and always has.

  • Karl

    Thanks for the kind words Wynn, THE END. We’ll keep this conversation going in the near future as more awesome performances are on tap for 2007. It is by no means over. -karl

  • Jamil

    Wow, I just stumbled upon this post. This is a great discussion. Great to hear it straight from the horses… or goats mouth!

    There really have been some amazing performances this past year. Keep it up.

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