Meltzer warns Mason – Bighorn 100 – Moose attack 3

What a day at the WILD Bighorn 100 !

Karl Meltzer was attacked by a moose and kicked twice, still managed to brake his own record by an hour! (50 scrapes!) I’ll let Karl tell the story but when I saw Meltzer shortly after he was attacked his eyeballs were popping put of his head !!

All Wasatch Speed Goats finished strong, 4 out of 4 finish. Tom Remekes, Scott Mason, Sandy White and Cory Johnson. 10 scrapes to Sandy White for crushing his first 100 mile finish.

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3 thoughts on “Meltzer warns Mason – Bighorn 100 – Moose attack

  • Marcie

    Hey you finished in a great time. After your tummy was a bit upset at the turn around, I wasn’t sure how you would fare. You put on the after burners and took off. Hopefully the tums helped. Nice race!!