Meltzer-100 mile record at McNaughton Park 19

Mercury Meltzer sets another course record at his first 100 mile win of the year ! Karl ran the 10 loops in 17:40 to improve Eric Clifton’s old record of 18:38. Karl had an hour lead after 7 laps and ran the last three laps with no pressure from the rest of the field. Despite the cold temperatures, sounds like it was a great day at the park. The 150 mile runners were down to 10 of 50 left as they were heading to the final laps, is this the new distance we will see in Ultrarunning?

karl_winning_the_2006_hardrock_100.jpg Nice work Wahsatchspeedgoat

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19 thoughts on “Meltzer-100 mile record at McNaughton Park

  • Sean Cunniff


    Way to tear it up! Not even those Illinois mountains are a match for a speeeeeedgoat!

  • WynnMan

    Yo Goatboy! fantastic finish at McNaughton, great time! you were whippin donuts around that course! way to rack up another, love to see it.


  • Dave

    Congrats! Now if only training on the trails of Illinois translated to running in the mountains of Colorado and Utah, like Karl can do going the other way around….

    Wonder what the 2nd place finishing time was…

  • Jerry Davison

    Carl … Incredible record-setting run in less than ideal contitions! I particularly enjoyed reading the article about you in the March 2007 issue of “Ultrarunning” while sitting at the picnic table with you and your wife. Thanks for the coming to McNaughton … hope to see you again. One of my favorite things about ultrarunning is being on the same course at the same time as the elite runners and then seeing the elite runners cheer on the recreational runners. You’re first class and chatting with you was a highlight and an inspiration for me. Thanks.
    Jerry, McNaughton webguy

  • Karl

    For all who replied about McNaughton, thank so much for the congrats, I dont know about 6 to go. Let’s remember that last season will be extremely tough to beat, but I’ll keep scraping away at it! I am so sore right now I can barely move, I think I’ll head to the stable and chomp some grass. Massannutten is the next challenge, Matt Estes is the man to beat there. Oh Yah, Akos Konya was second around 20:40, but I dont know the exact time. Julie Berg won the womens race too. Baaaahhhh for another muddy record. Wahsatchspeedgoat

  • olga

    Awesome run, Karl! Congrats on another CR and first, good luck at Massanutten. Julie rules the McNaughton!

  • Beth and Larry

    It was a pleasure getting to know you and your wife! Congrats on a stellar performance. You make it look easy, and we know it’s not!! We look forward to seeing you at all the races out West this season.
    Best, Beth and Larry

  • Geoff Roes

    oh, come on karl, 6 more should be easy, right? just kidding. just toeing the line at 6 100’s in one year is inconceivable to me, let alone winning 6… or 7. amazing stuff. get some rest and good luck at Massannutten.

  • jeff heasley

    What muddy trail out there! I was damn luck to get in 100 miles out there. I signed up for the 150, wondering how far my body can go. I NOW KNOW… ITS 100 MILES… NO MORE. No need to experiment again on that one… Ha
    Karl, you were on fire out there. Like you were riding a little motorcycle up and down the muddy trails. Props to you man. You definatly have “hoofs” for feet, to cling that well to that slime. I think you lapped me 4 times, never looking fatigued.. Way to go!!
    See you at MMT. Pre race meeting.

    Jeff Heasley

  • Travis Liles

    Karl, way to go out there. I really enjoyed seeing you attack the course, even at the expense of you passing me twice in my 50! Congrats again, I enjoyed sharing some trail with you. Good luck to you as the season progresses.

  • Mike Halovatch

    Karl, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t seen a classier move at a race than I did when I witnessed you sitting there in your chair the next day watching the remaining 50/100/ and 150 milers complete their race. There was only a skeleton crew left and to have such an accomplished runner in attendance (who finished over 12 hours prior) to congratulate those still running and finishing was admirable. Congratulations again on your accomplishment and thanks for sticking around and making Sunday a special day.

  • Davy Crockett

    Way to go Karl,
    It was fun to watch you in action. Pretty depressing to see you run two laps to my one. He ran miles 14-34 while I slipped and slided through miles 54-64. I saw him at the bottom of the rope climb twice.

  • Julie Berg

    Hi Karl, nice race! It was incredible to watch you head up those muddy hills like they were flats. I kept trying to watch you go but you were just too fast 🙂