Javelina 100 and US 25 Hour Championships 1

Javelina 100 Record hangs tough!

A brutal fast pace early led by the rabbit himself, Eric Clifton, proved to be a little to swift as a 25 minute cushion deflated into a winning time 25 minutes slower than the Speedgoat record. Jorge Pacheco wins with a time of 15:49. AJW played his cards perfectly early and let Clifton and Pacheco duke it out as he slowly reeled in Jorge to even it up after 5 laps. Jorge then put the hammer down and ran away from AJW extending his lead to 45 minutes by the race’s end.
Connie Gardner used her superior experience to oust last year’s champion Michelle Barton by nearly 2 hours. It was a tight race till it got dark, Gardner then dissappeared into the halloween darkness and ran away with ease. Gardner runs 19 and change, a solid time, but nowhere near Stephanie Ehret’s, “I chicked everyone” performance of 17:40 in 2004.

US 24 hours championship throws down $26,500 in prize money………but there’s a catch. In order to win the $4000 first prize, the winner must run 153 miles. Second place takes $1000 home if he can run 146 miles. Way too tough for a speedgoat. The repetitive miles begin on November 16th in Texas…any takers contact the website and good luck! Wahsatchspeedgoat

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