Hardrock and Wasatch 100 applications 11

Here we go, it’s time to get out the check book and start mailing out race applications for your favorite race! As we just read Western States is the World championships for the lottery winners, not the sport! The Hardrock 100 has a new category for people like me who never get in, if you applied in previous years and were unsuccessful, you get some extra chances in the hat! Way to go Hardrock!

Wasatch 100 also has an extra ticket for those did not get in last year! It is good to see some adjustments on the lottery for those big races! I will be attending the lottery for the Wasatch 100 on February 2nd, if you would like a live update on your status leave a comment and I will be calling everyone during the lottery to tell you the good news!

Stay tuned for TRAIL GEAR REVIEW on the La Sportiva Fireblade, these shoes look sleek and fast compared to what I am used to running in!
Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


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11 thoughts on “Hardrock and Wasatch 100 applications

  • Brennen

    I guess I’ll have to settle for 1 ticket in the Hardrock lottery. I’m guessing there will be more applicants this year than in the past.

    Good luck, Scott and Kelly.


  • Karl

    I guess I’m the good guy and giving up a spot, as I am an “automatic entry” having now finished the race 5 times. I have the Ultra Camp the same weekend, so I won’t be running this year..

  • olga

    Wow, Karl is not coming for HR? Any chance I can steal a ticket from you? Otherwise I am stuck with a single one:) fat chance, but would be interesting.

  • Steve

    Hope you get in, Scott…it’s a tough one, but not for you, Karl. I’ve been at Hardrock the past 6 years and only one finish, damn altitude gets me everytime. If it’s not that, it’s the heat.
    I’ve had many points the past several years and will only have 4 this year, but Deb and I will enter and if we don’t get in, we’ll come out and help. Let me tell you living back in NH is not fun, can’t wait t move back to NM in three years!

    Karl sorry to hear you won’t be there…hope Kyle gets in.

  • EnergeticRick!!!

    What are the top 5 (pro-wise) 100 Mile races in the US?
    The answer to this question will help me to learn more about this sports best athletes!
    I think you should get to keep your lottery ticket every year you loose so that you can use it the next year, until you finally win.
    You should get an extra (Permanent) ticket for every time you have ran the race. And an additional (Permanent) ticket per race in witch you finish top 5% overall.

  • jill

    Question: Which do you consider more challenging…Bear 100 or Wasatch 100? Just asking for opinions…thanks.

  • WSG Post author

    The Wasatch is tougher then the Bear, the Bear has more runnable terrine~

    The Wasatch vertical will wear you down!

  • Billy

    …Hardrock will be a totally different experience without the presence of Karl Meltzer. He has defined the essence of the course. Tuff and Unrellenting. Who now will the frontrunners fear.