Fall Ultras 9

San Diego, Javelina, and Mt. Masochist coming soon

San Diego 100 October 20th
Just when we thought the season was over, why not throw in another 100 miler?

Javelina 100 October 27th
Andy Jones-Wilkins will go for a speedgoat record at Javelina and try to hold off Pacheco and Clifton, or will Pacheco and Clifton try to hold off AJW? Eric and Jorge tend to go out fast, we’ll see what happens. Into the washing machine you go!

Mt. Masochist 50 Mile November 3rd
Lon Freeman and Sean Andrish look to be the ones to beat in Virginia, like Eric and Jorge, will they beat each other up early? Or will the smartest runner win? A few others in the field are Jonathan Basham, Mystery man Keith Knipling, and Montrail’s Paul Curran.

The women’s field looks the most impressive as most men WILL get chicked. Kristin Moehl, Annette Bednosky, Bethany Patterson, Deb Livingston fresh off her chopper ride to Italy, Regan Petrie and Sarah Johnston will make it a great women’s race!


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9 thoughts on “Fall Ultras

  • Tony

    Not to miss the Heartland 100 out in Kansas this past weekend. Paul D threw down a 14:26 (on a course with a paltry 6k’ of gain…even Rocky has 8000’…it is KS afterall) to break Clifton’s 14:30 course record. Looking good for the ATY showdown with Scott…if he can keep up that pace for another 10 hours!! Way to be Paul!


  • Karl

    PHEEEEEEEWWWWWWWYYYY, a smokin 14:26, just another sick performance of the year vote getter. Way to run Paul!

  • AJW

    14:26 is movin’! PdW, way to rock it home.

    Looks like you can pull a superfast, runners’ 100 after all.

    Should be a great month!

    Bottoms up!


  • akaMoogy

    For the most part, quite a few *locals* running this new race (official this year) out on primarily the bandera 100k course. Should be an ass-kicker (well…for this part of the country). We do what we do…
    Cactus Rose 100 miler

  • Bryon Powell

    Both Sean Andrish (injury) and Keith Knipling (not injury, but didn’t say) are not running MMTR this coming weekend. In the men’s field it now looks like a two man race up front between Lon Freeman and Jon Basham… and I wouldn’t bet again Lon.

    It’s wide open after the top 2 men. I’m going dark horse with Mike Schuster for number three. Derrick Carr will be up there, too. Wishing I was in shape to go for third and that final WS auto entry.

  • Karl

    A speedgoat pick would be: A fight for first between Lon Freeman (goes out too fast), Eric Grossman and Nate McDowell. Jonathan Basham, Mike Schuster, and Derric Carr round out the rest. Runners are seeded on the website with their race numbers. Good to refer to Mr. Horton’s seedings as well. Baaahhhhh Wahsatchspeedgoat

  • Bryon Powell

    Am I the only one who can’t the seedings on Horton’s website? Had no idea that Grossman or McDowell were in… definite top dogs. I hope Grossman is over his injuries of the spring.