Bear 100 – Storm Version 7

While Karl was the sleeping the rest of us pushed through the night in the snow and rain. I thought the cow stampede at the start was going to be the highlight of the day, no way. During the first climb Kelly and I could hear massive cows mooing us on knowing I had a Spotted Cow Ale waiting at the finish line (donated by Wynn Davis from the Midwest). ~ no kidding. Soon after we ran through the controlled forest fire , there was fire and smoke everywhere while the sun was rising. The terrain was spectacular as we cruised all day through the fall colors near Bear Lake.

As I was running between mile 60 – 67 I spotted a small black bear on the trail in front of me, I shined all my headlamps and grunted out some sort of noise to keep the bear moving away, nice shot of adrenaline for when you’re tired. We ran all day with the threat of a storm and high winds, the snow finally showed up in the middle of the night. I didn’t have a pacer, I never ran the course and I think glow stick guy was MIA? This made the night run slow at times searching for a piece of pink tape or a footprint. (all part of the fun!) I only got lost once during the blizzard !

Once the snows hit and the sun started rising it was quit a scene out there ! It was great seeing all the fellow goats out on the trails, Gene, Tim Seminoff , Cory Johnson and Larry Hall who are both running multiple 100’s, Olga who was pushing hard all through the night. Hat’s off to Christian Johnson who had more comebacks then Areosmith to finish just in front of me. Great run Rocky Mountain Slammer Ken Jensen and good the see Mr. Crockett on Leland’s ledges and Phil Lowery who showed up for sea level for another great finish!
Super congrats to our team mate Malida Copeland from the Wasatch Running Center, she took home first prize for the women !


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7 thoughts on “Bear 100 – Storm Version

  • Scott E

    “…more comebacks than Aerosmith…”. Ha, very good. I remember when ‘Toys in the Attic’ came out but you might have to explain what you mean to the twenty-somethings.

  • olga

    You know the fact that I kicked you out of that chair played against me later when I wanted to sit down – my pacer told me: Didn’t you just yelled at a bunch of guys for this? 🙂 It was nice to run along that mean path through the trees together. Hope your asthma improves and won’t give you grief anymore.
    It was a blast. I love tough courses, as much as I curse them on the go. I’ll never run any of RR, JJ or such. Breaking down is what I am looking for, and then wondering if I can pull it off. More pride. More adrenaline. More war stories. This one I’ll share with you.

  • wynn

    Scotty too Hotty, clickity clack clickity clack go the hooves. Well done man! smoke coming off of those hooves.

  • John

    Nice job – are you snow blind still – probably ready for hybernation now – just kidding. Wow to close on the Bear encounter – hence the name of the race no pun intended. Way to go speedgoat.

  • Davy Crockett

    Man, who was the blur that went past me on Leland’s Ledge? Way to finish strong. I tried to catch up but couldn’t quite do it at the end. Fun race, as usual very crazy.