Tim Long-Wasatch Speed Goat wins Ghost Town 38.5 6

Wasatch Speed Goat Tim Long had the sharpest hooves of the day holding off Andy Jones-Wilkins by 5 seconds the win the Ghost Town 38.5. This is racing at it’s best as Tim and Andy both crushed the record by 45 minutes but Tim had the turbo hooves to kick it to the line first! 10 scrapes for Tim!

Tim Quoted “Trust me, everyone heard about the Crosslites I wore and my Nathan race vest that allowed me to run through the aid stations like they were snake pits.”

Tim Long

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6 thoughts on “Tim Long-Wasatch Speed Goat wins Ghost Town 38.5

  • Tim Long

    Thanks Scott.
    Patagonia makes leisure clothing. We have serious speed gear sponsors!
    The race and meeting Andy were a lot of fun.
    Thanks again,

  • Steve

    Yeah, look at that Goat shirt screaming down the road ahead of AJW!
    Baa-haaa! Scrape on, Tim! Great run!


  • Shoe

    Wait, Wait, Hold on…As you can clearly see in this picture…

    …Tim is selfishly leaving no Oxygen in the air behind him and sending AJW into O2 debt…

    Nice run Tim
    (No O2 left behind)