Red Hot 50k race report 6

The Red Hot was cold but the times were hot as Dave Mackey (3:58:50) and Timmy Parr (3:59:33) both broke the course record held by Kyle/Antoine. As the field took off Mackey and Parr put the hammer down and Master runner Karl Meltzer burned off a few competitors to finish third (4:13:14), his fastest time yet.

Nice run by fellow Speed Goats Tim Long, Tom Remekes, Cory Johnson and 10 scrapes to Chris Boyack who posted a 5:19:13, way to keep the motor running Chris, Goat of the day.

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason replenishing carbs post race.
Karl and Scott carbo loading..
photo by Goat TLong
1.  Anita Ortiz  4:48.27
2.  Samantha Sigle  5:07.40
3.  Helen Cospolich  5:10:12

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