Oil Creek 100 Miler 15

What a great day in the Pennsylvania woods! Tom Jennings put on a triple header of trail races at the Oil Creek State Park, 50k, 50 miler and a 100 miler. This was a first year event but you would have never known by the great aid stations, course markings and overall organization of the event. The trail was a fast technical runnable course, but you had to be careful with those little up and downs (17,833 vertical), they wore you out as the day went on.

OC 100 009cj

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after running the Wasatch 100 just 30 days ago, but it turns out I was able to hang on for a 21:50 finish – 7th place, I’ll take that on tired legs..! Race Results

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15 thoughts on “Oil Creek 100 Miler

  • paul trebilcock

    Dude what a second wind you had, you flew by me after 18 hours, good meeting you, way to stick it out, I dropped before I got hypothermia-canada

  • WSG Post author

    Hey Paul,

    You were cursing all day!! You’ll get them next time, if you ever come to Utah to run let me know so we can hook up!!

    Great meeting you Canada–10 scrapes!


  • Steve Pero

    Scrape on, Scott….Great run!

    I see you finally got to wear the SS shirt, I haven’t even had my on yet, love the sleeveless in the heat. Maybe I’ll get to wear mine this weekend at the SMUT 50…


  • Mark Christopherson

    Scott, way to run strong even after a PR at Wasatch! How many is that for the year? 3? We still need to get in a run around PC before the snow piles up too deep. Again, way to go!

  • WSG Post author

    Mark – let’s go for spin in PC–Yes that was 3 – Bighorn, Wasatch and OC 100. Time to rest..ski season is upon us!

  • Mike from Mass.

    Scott, Congrats, I wish I could have kept up w/ you, I ended up dropping at #3 aid station on the 2nd loop, I was becoming hypothermic, and dehydrated. Hope to meet up w/ you if I ever get out west, Enjoy the ski season.

  • WSG Post author

    Mike – Great to meet you on trails, if yoU ever come to Utah look me up! Good luck on your next race. C-ya next year at the OC?

    10 SCRAPES!

  • leo

    you can take the boy out of the ‘boro, but you can’t take the ‘boro out of the boy. sub 20 next year?