Copper Canyon, Old Pueblo 50, Way to Cool 50k 16

A FEW RACE NOTES FROM THE DESK OF THE GOATS. Scott Jurek returned to Copper Canyon to run with the indians and turned out a stellar performance winning the 47 mile adventure in a scant 6:32. Scott donated his winnings back to the locals, he wasn’t able to bring corn back to Seattle from Mexico. Hal Koerner came close to taking down Brandon Sybrowsky’s record at the Old Pueblo 50 mile running 7:15 and change making it the third fastest time along the mexican border. Lewis Taylor had a great run in the mud as did Beverly Anderson-Abbs to win the Way Too Cool 50K in 3:41 and 4:19 respectively. Next up will be Scott Mason running with the Buffalos on Antelope Island next weekend. Snort, Snort, two scrapes! Wahsatchspeedgoat!

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16 thoughts on “Copper Canyon, Old Pueblo 50, Way to Cool 50k

  • Wynn

    Looks like you run through the snowbird tunnel and then basejump off it to the finish line! these awards are lookin real goaty!

    adios~ Utes


  • Barefoot Ted

    Dudes, I ran the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon and had the pleasure of watching the race unfold thanks the fact that the course is a series of out-and-backs allowing us slower runners a chance to see some of the drama.

    Last year’s winner, Arnulfo, was way ahead in the early part of the race; however, at about mile 32 I could see that he was rapidly running out of steam. I asked him in his native tongue where the DEER was (Scott’s spirit animal being the deer. El Venado in Spanish or CHUIMARI in Raramuri (Tarahumara) language), he pointed behind…running like the wind.

    Many of the younger Indian runners started the race as if it were a 5K. Makes for some dramatic beginnings and crash-and-burn endings. The older runners are smarter. Manuel Luna of Leadville fame came in 5th, more amazingly, Billy Barnett and Jenn Shelton beat all the Tarahumara but one.

    It was a privilege. Hope to see you there next year. I am hoping to make it a yearly pilgrimage.


  • tom riley

    yes, Lewis had a great run. he is new to ultras but is having breakthrough performances more and more. great to see him have a good day. now only if prunes show up at his doorstep… Sunsweet prunes that is.

    Way to go French Kiss also. Bev is starting off the year great. With a win at the Costa Rica Challange again. She strutted her stuff pretty well at Cool. Fun to watch from the bench.

  • Bay Area Beach Slug

    Nice write-up, except Way Too Cool was anything but muddy this year. It was dry and warm–70s. Still, the trail rolls through the shade 90% of the way, so the sun didn’t seem to melt the runners too badly.

    I couldn’t believe the raw speed on the course. I saw tons of road-running shoes out there, plus a few 9-ounce Brooks Racer GTs. Maybe that’s how the frontrunners do it.

    Best part came when I passed a road runner on Goat Hill, one of the last good climbs on the course. He was a lean, lithe dude from Eugene: “My friend told me this would be a great first ultra because it’s such a flat course … he’s nuts … this is the hilliest course I’ve ever run on!”

    I don’t think he’ll be signing up for the 2008 Hardrock.

    – Garett

  • Bay Area Beach Slug

    WSG –

    I hope to make the “Get High.” It’ll hinge on a few things:
    + How parenting is coming along (we have a newborn)
    + Airfare to SLC
    + The type of beer you’ll have at the finish line
    + Whether Roch Horton is running it, too.

    But seriously, I really hope to do it. It fits perfectly into my training for the year and sounds like an incredible event.

    Keep up the great blog work.

    – Garett

  • WSG

    Congrats on the new born, my girls are 17 and 11, long past the new born.
    Roch is running Hardrock, but he is going to work an aid station if he is to tired to run. What type of beer do you like Garett ?

    bahahaha, one scrape!


  • Kelly S. Nichols

    I find it astounding that no ever talks about how great Uli Steidl is. He ran for the University of Portland and was All-American in cross-country. He has ran some outstanding trail/ultra races and his name is rarely mentioned in the trail/ultra running community. I’m hoping that more collegiate runners will start running trail/ultra’s.
    p.s. I ran in college also.

  • WSG Post author

    I know how fast Ulli is, check out latest post. I saw Ulli at American River and Pikes Peak last year.


  • Fasteddy

    Uli is mentioned all the time….. when he runs a race! He didn’t run WTC, Copper canyon, or Old Pueblo this year so why mention his name? Uli is among the best and will win almost any race he runs. I said “almost” because last time he raced Matt Carpenter @ Pikes he wasn’t even close.

    What IS your M.O. Kelly?

  • Caballo Blanco

    Yes, less than 100 years ago the tarahumara runners [raramuri] used to hunt by running down the deer until it collapsed. This year the Deer got revenge and caught arnulfo to win the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon–CCUM with a record time.
    Maybe next year Arnulfo will practice a little and maybe will not get drunk the night before; maybe -:]
    The local raramuri love and respect El Venado–Scott Jurek and La Brujita–Jenn Shelton, and all of us who engaged them in a cultural exchange of trailrunning party animals.