Chuckanut 50k race results 2

NOTES FROM THE GOATS:KYLE SKAGGS CHUCKS UP ANOTHA AT THE CHUCKANUT 50K! Kyle Skaggs continues to fly under the radar to win another Ultra in a closely contested race coming from behind on the last leg to beat Matthew Simms at the tape by a scant 2:20, running 4:10.13. Hal Koerner rounded out the top five finishing in 4:20 with Josh Mulkey and Mike Wedemeyer just in front. Melanie Bos won the women’s race in a fast time of 4:58. The conditions were wet and muddy with driving rain the entire race. Uli Steidl’s record stands firm at 3:42! We don’t think Uli’s record will fall any year soon, He’s too fast!

Three scrapes for Kyle and Melanie!

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2 thoughts on “Chuckanut 50k race results

  • Trish

    Thank you for recapping the Chuckanut race, including this year’s top men and the top woman. (As for Uli, I’m not sure he cares whether you appreciate his being mentioned, Kelly, but we all know your M.O. anyway. It’s annoying. Go run your own course record.)