Bear 100 21

The Bear gets slayed!

After three attempts at the Bear 100, I have finally raised the bar a little. It helps to go with fresh legs. Cool temps, a 30MPH tailwind…that’s right, a tailwind, and dry conditions left the record of Hal Koerner to get chomped up and thrown away. Negative splits didn’t hurt either, 19:35-19:15. I think the older I get the longer it takes me to get warmed up.

It may be the last running of the Bear on this particular course as a new one is slated for next year. The Rogue Valley Runner may have to return next year to set a new mark as my plans are a mystery. Leland Barker put on a stellar performance running second in 20:54, Jared Campbell was solid as always about an hour behind and David Goggins finished his 9th 100 of the year with one to go

On the Women’s side, WasatchsRunningCenter standout Milada Copeland defended her Bear title in just over 27 hours. It was a crazy race, When I finished it was 68 degrees, the last 12 hours of the race were run in a snowstorm, pays to be quick at this one!

Scott Jurek repeats at Spartathlon

Is he Ultrarunner of the year yet? Of course with a road win overseas, he is a shoe-in to win it. Doesn’t matter how many hundreds you win….all about performances of the year. I willl now rest as Scott takes on the loop da loop at acrosstheyears24hour and determines if he can get dizzy…go get it Scott! Is there 166 miles in you?


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21 thoughts on “Bear 100

  • cb

    Congrats on an excellent race. It was awesome to see you running so strongly when you passed my group in the night on your way back to Paris. Definitely a highlight for my first 100 miler.


  • Kelly S. Nichols

    I owe you a personal apology for posting my blog on your site. I realized it was a stupid thing for me to do. I have deleted my blog because I got “nervous” being on the internet. Please accept my apologies.
    Kelly S. Nichols

  • wynn

    Yo goats, good work! Way to slay the mighty Bear, sounds like the goat legs were doin a bit of the “light fantastic”, damn nice work on that new CR.

    an old saw says, Notch another one in the belt Karl.

    good stuff!

  • Dee

    Congrats Karl! Seeing you pass by us totally in the zone, helped keep me positive during a tough night of pacing.
    Good job to Scott also! Baaaaaa!

  • crowther

    I basically agree with the comments about “Ultrarunner of the Year,” but are you trying to predict who will win the USATF award or the Ultrarunning magazine designation? Or are you just saying that you personally think that Jurek deserves it most? Jurek has been crowned three times by the magazine but never by USATF, so perhaps the two sets of voters have different criteria?

  • Karl

    Hello Greg, I guess I would be referring to the Ultrarunner Mag voting, or just the overall UROY. The USATF voting is totally biased, not with roads or trails, they recognize both, but this is the deal. In 2006 I won both awards,USATF and the Ultrarunner Mag. The only reason I won the USATF award is because 1) I paid my 20 bucks to the “club” and I was able to be in the voting, and that only happened because the year before I was told to hurry up and pay my 20 bucks before the voting cuz’ in 2005 I had a shot at the title. I paid my 20 bucks, but it was too late in early November, but gee, I got to be a member for 2006. Had I not paid that 20 the year before I could not have been in the voting for 2006…..sounds silly eh? All about their 20 bucks. And here is the real kicker 2) I nominated myself only 1 day before all the nominations were accepted, only because I looked online to see if I had won it. Had I not nominated myself, I would not have won that award, or even been in the vote, Scott probably was not nominated if he even did pay his 20. When I nominated myself, the guy there (who I won’t mention) said, “what did he do this year”? Don’t you think they should have known I won 6 100 mile races in a year, and broke numerous records at them. The USATF is clueless in terms of following races and who does what in Ultrarunning. They know who wins the 24 hour track race, but really nothing else. They should not be the “governing body” of ultrarunning, they should stick to the track, and get their 20 bucks from the masses, it’s the american way.
    And one more thing, when I won the award they asked if I could send them a photo of myself to put in their “fast forward” magazine, again a cool honor. After they recieved the photo from Paul at Montrail they said they “could not use it because I had headphones on”. What the hell is that?, the USATF had no rule against headphones at that time. But now they do, when you go to an event that is USATF sanctioned(and what does that even mean) headphones are now illegal in competition……..We now call that the “Karl Rule”. Bag the USATF, no 20 spot for them! ‘Almost forgot, I think Scott has it this year with Hardrock and Spartathlon, even Ultrarunning Mag keeps an eye on key performances. There were many great runs this year, and it is not over, you go beat Scott at ATY and you are in the running, it still is not over! Just my goat opinion, The real award is the goat skull, coming to my house soon, whoever gets this one will deserve it, hands down! -Karl

  • Jasper


    You are absolutely right, the USATF is clueless. I was their biggest supporter until this year, because I thought they added legitimacy to our sport. I’ve always dug it when the best runners would show up for a USATF championship race. But my experience with the USATF this year at TRT100 definitely soured me. Total disorganization, total lack of understanding about what a trail ultra is all about. About the only thing the USATF ever really had right was forbidding pacers in championship events, and then they go and change the rule less than two weeks before the race! Of course I was mainly bummed because I was going without a pacer all along, and now all the competition suddenly had pacers. They tried to claim that a pacer is just for safety and not a competitive advantage – yeah right. I could have been okay with the rule change, but not the timing of it. What governing body changes the rules for a championship event two weeks beforehand??? So much for adding legitimacy to the whole thing.


  • dewittrunner

    USATF tried to pull something similar with me. I think it was 2005 (the year I won the Montrail Cup). Somebody from USATF emailed me asking a bunch of questions, including what my USATF number was because they couldn’t find it. I told them I wasn’t a member and wasn’t interested in joining so they moved on to the next guy on their list I guess! One of these days I’m actually going to run one of their so called “national champs” just to show how ridiculous the whole thing is when they have to skip the first place american and give the money to somebody else who is a member.

  • Tony

    hey paul, how’s it going? you’re sounding a little like matt, ha ha. speaking of which, after Pb this year he said that him, myself, and you should all go bandit Leadville one year and finish 1-2-3 because Ken won’t comp returning champs…i thought that was pretty hilarious. how’s the running going these days? i saw you ran ADT…any upcoming races in mind? i’ll be enjoying bozeman a lot more once this stress fracture in my foot heals up…

    say hi to all the CRUDers for me!

  • dewittrunner

    Hey Tony – I heard from Rick you moved up there. I have spent quite a bit of time in Montana and love it there. You might need to grow some more hair to stay warm though. As for me, I’m training for ATY; should be an absolute suffer-fest down there. I am running a 100 next weekend (Heartland) but that is the only other race I’ll do prior to ATY.

  • Karl

    Bandit style, I love it, I’m in, but I’ll take 4th, cuz all you guys are too fast. OK we have the top 5, do I hear a 5th? At Leadville I asked to be comped….and didn’t expect it being my first year, but I had to ask…no big deal. Returning runners should always be comped a lifetime entry, where is the love. ATY should be a doosy, maybe I’ll show up and see if I can run my best 24 hours… my current distance is 71.10, hope I can do it!

    The USATF means nothing to me anymore, when I ran White River a few years ago, I had to pay my 20 bucks at the pre-race meeting or I was not eligible to win money…what? how does that work?, and they didn’t even throw all the money down. Karl

  • crowther

    Karl et al.: Very interesting anecdotes about USATF! I’m not as critical of the organization as some of you are, and I think the membership fee is quite reasonable, especially as a gateway to hundreds of dollars in prize money. But I concur that USATF isn’t as in touch with the ultra scene as it could be.

    As for going to ATY, Karl, I’m 2-0 vs. Jurek this year; why do I need to beat him again?!? 🙂 I *might* wind up doing JFK, and if I could somehow break Clifton’s record, somebody might be impressed … but Jurek will be tough to beat in AZ and at the ballot box.

  • Karl

    Yo Greg, you are certainly in the hunt, no doubt!. And beating Scott twice certainly carries alot of weight. Not to mention the US 100km Championship was an awesome performance. Was the other the road 50K or Miwok?. I appologize for not knowing which one, so many races to follow makes it tough. I am trying to compile everything run this year by all the top performers so we can have an even vote in January, and let the masses decide who the best Ultrarunner for 2007 was. I think you should go smoke JFK and put yourself right near the top of the vote. LIke I said, “it is not over yet”. 2.5 months left means lots of great performance are still to be had. Personally I just think you need a few more races run to be in the running for the mighty “Goat Skull”. Just got it in the mail yesterday….it is awesome, a mantle piece for life!
    As far as the 20 bucks, it’s not about the pocket change, just the principle of the whole thing. Would be cool if you could email me all your performances this year so I can start putting things together. Later, Karl

  • crowther

    Jeez, Karl, no need to apologize. Can I list every race that you’ve done this year? Heck no! Anyway, it was Miwok, but, all joking aside about how I “own” Jurek, I don’t think our head-to-head record is very meaningful. It seems obvious to me that each of us can beat the other at our own specialty (mine being nontechnical, relatively flat races of 100K and less). The real question is whether my best races have been better than his best races. My guess is that Jurek’s Spartathlon trumps my World Cup 100K and that his Hardrock beats whatever my 2nd-best performance was. To see all my race results, go to my blog, click on the link to “Too much information” under “Introductory Posts” (on the right-hand side), and click on the link to the Excel workbook, then select the “races” tab at the bottom. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll email you the data.