Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team 14

This will be new for 2009 but may begin as soon as this summer, I am putting together a killer group of runners who are dedicated to the sport of trail running. These runners will not always be the fastest guys and girls around but long time trail runners who have and are dedicating their life to the sport.

The selection criteria is simple, just run six trail races each season ! You do not have to be on the podium every race but a consistent finisher. You must have at least one 100 miler on your six race schedule!

I will post your bio, race schedules and your race reports!


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14 thoughts on “Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

  • Bryon Powell

    Great idea, Scott! Thanks for taking the time together what should be a great team of ultrarunners. While I appreciate almost any company/group sponsoring ultrarunners, I thought that previous attempts bring together regional level ultrarunners (i.e., not the Meltzers, Jureks, Skaggs, etc) resulted in something more than just top athletes wearing a company logo, it resulted in community. I think the community aspect is something that both the late Vasque and Montrail regional teams had. I know I met a lot of really cool people during my single year as part of the Montrail regional team.

    Anyway, best of luck and happy trails,

  • WSG Post author

    Hi Bryon,

    Thank you for the comment and I look forward to chatting with you! I agree, I was with Montrail for 8 years and it was a great ride for a lot of us! My concept is to bring together the runners who really make up the sport, as you mentioned the Meltzers, Skaggs and Jureks have their own agenda as most of us have full time jobs and trail run every chance we can get! I am working with several merchants for this team and I have verbal commitments from some key sponsors. This season will be grass roots but 2009 I hope to have the funnest mountain racing team there is! The size of the team will be determined by the level of participation form the sponsors.

    Three scrapes!! Bahahah

  • WSG Post author

    Thank you for all the interest everyone!! I have been flooded with inquires and I look forward to assembling the coolest trail team of all!

    Three Scrapes!!!!Bahahaha


  • AnthonyP

    Fantastic idea ! I’m totally interested. As Bryon can attest to, I’m certainly not close to the fastest, but I’m dedicated and somewhat cool.

  • Casey

    I also have a trail running blog and would be happy to post this same article for you if you would like. I think you have made a very inspiring offer. Let me know.

  • AnthonyP

    Thanks Scott. If you shoot me your email address, I’ll give you a short bio (nothing spectecular, but as Mr. Powell, I am a lawyer will little time on my hands ! ).

    Here’s my schedule for 2008.

    January 12 – WDW Half Marathon – 2:11:29
    January 13 – WDW Marathon – 4:09:56
    February 2 – Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile – 10:02:29
    March 2 – Caumsett Park 50k – 5:05:20
    April 12 – North Face Endurance 50 Mile
    May 4 – New Jersey Marathon (Pacing)
    May 10 – Long Island Greenbelt Trail 50k
    June 8 – Need for Speed Relay
    July 14 – 16 – Badwater Ultramarathon (Crew)
    August 30 – Grand Tetons 100 Mile
    October 11 – Baltimore Marathon
    November – JFK 50 Mile or Javelina Jundred 100

  • Tim Long

    Hi Scott,

    If you’re interested in some east coasters (NC), I’d love to be affiliated with WSPMRT. I just started running ultras last July, but have moved almost exclusively to those distances now, and have a good schedule lined up this year. My blog is footfeathers.com and site is trailevents.com. I’ll represent with a big smile and good attitude (like most trail runners).

  • WSG Post author

    Send a resume, see team page for e-mail.

    Thank you for the interest, look forward to receiving you info!


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