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For a trail runner who’s used to lining up at 100’s with just a Nathan Elite 2V Plus Pack, it’s going to be a  blast carrying all those required items on my trek through the 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. I am not a big fan of a bag of water on my back  which covers a large part of my thermostat, oh well. As I prepare to run the ultimate trail running event, I look forward to enjoying the experience with team mates Jodi Chase and Cory Johnson. Look for the Wasatch Speed Goats to represent the United States with some strong results..scrape on!

Obligatory material : 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

• mobile phone with option enabling its use in the three countries
• personal cup or tumbler 15cl minimum (water bottle not acceptable)
• stock of water minimum 1 litre,
two torches in good working condition with replacement batteries,
survival blanket,
• whistle,
• adhesive elastic band enable making a bandage or a strapping (mini 80cm x 3 cm),
• food reserve,
• protective raincoat for bad mountain weather,
• running trousers or leggings (au minimum pedal pushers covering the knees),
• cap or bandana.

Required by the frontier police forces: identity papers
Very strongly recommended
– gloves, a hat and warm clothes indispensable in the case of cold weather forecasts
– the sum of 20 euros minimum (in order to cover the unexpected….)
Advised (list not definitive):
telescopic sticks, change of clothing, compass, knife, string, sun cream, Vaseline or anti-overheating cream, needle and thread,…
If you decide to use sticks, you must keep them throughout the whole of the race…No stick will be admitted into the runner’s sacks

Goat land

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8 thoughts on “Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc – Obligatory Material

  • robert youngren

    Besides the mobile phone requirement and it being a mandatory list, it sounds pretty much like a typical packing list for the Hardrock 100. So lucky, I wish the timing was different on this as I’d love to go. Perhaps in a couple of years?? Comrades next year though…

  • Mark Gilligan

    I found myself to be one of the few who ran with only a sleeveless shirt and shorts, most around me had some type of lycra pants. There were a couple spots that got very cold so I used my obligatory lightweight jacket and pants. Next time, I think I will pack a set of Moebens so I could easily slide them on and off, as needed.

    Almost every hydration pack made, has a built-in whistle in the chest buckle. I had never noticed mine until I was looking to buy a whistle there in Chamonix and a friend pointed it out.

    They sell the plastic cups there at check-in, so you can pick that up there.

    2 Headlamps:
    For my extra light, I packed a Petzel e-Lite (super small and light).

    I had never used them, but was glad I did. My only complaint was that the super light/expensive poles I had, kept collapsing while using them. It was very annoying and was almost enough to break my will. I repeated in my head, next time, non-telescoping. I ran with them in my hands the entire time and never thought of putting them in my pack (too much work).

    Another point worth noting, people do not talk on the trail and they really don’t want you to talk to them. I was surprised by the lack of camaraderie. Be prepared to run in silence, even when you are running with 20 others. It’s a very strange environment and unlike any other event in the US.

    Lastly, whatever you do, time your finish to arrive in Chamonix while the party is happening. I came in around 3am and the town was dead. Hours earlier, the party is still happening, hours later, the party is starting up again.

    Have fun,
    Mark Gilligan

  • WSG Post author

    Wow, great stuff Mark!! The lack of camaraderie?? I’ll just keep my tunes on.

    I was talking to Meltzer today and he said bag the poles..

    I got the Greenlayer arm warmers and sleeveless shirt..

    Happy Trails..

  • robert youngren

    You’ve run Hardrock w/o poles, ’nuff said, who needs them? UTMB can’t be any tougher. Man I wish I was going this year! On my list for sure, though will have to wait. Next year: Comrades!

  • Chris Barber

    That is a gnarly packing list! I’m with you, carrying less is more. I don’t even carry water if I don’t have to. I guess if they recommend the stuff you may need it. Better safe than sorry.