Mountain Lion spotted on Park City trails 8/5/09 14

Watch out
Here is a Mountain Lion Story
At around 7:15 this morning, my dog met a mountain lion in the brush on the connector trail between Queen Esther Drive and Snowtop.  The cat was about 3 switchbacks up from the bottom, and was within 30 yards of me.  I did not see the cat, but he and my dog had an altercation.  The cat was growling and making high pitched cat screaming noises.  They were LOUD; I have never heard anything quite like it.  My dog was going nuts barking, and I was screaming as loud as I could trying to get him to come back to me.  Between my dog barking, and me screaming, the cat must have decided to take off.  I was able to get my dog to come back to me.  I am so thankful he didn’t chase, and he is unhurt.

I looked on-line, and cats that are that close to humans are probably tracking.  My dogs and I had made a lot of noise on both the way up to the top of Snowtop and back, and that cat was really close.  I have two 100 lb dogs (one was on a leash), and so that may have been lucky for me.  Someone alone or with a smaller dog may have been in trouble.
Wilderness guy said making a lot of noise is the best thing to do  and keep the dogs on leash.


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14 thoughts on “Mountain Lion spotted on Park City trails 8/5/09

  • peter

    I have always been afraid of becoming cat food on a run. So much so that a friend gave me a copy of “The Beast in the Garden: The True Story of a Predator’s Deadly Return to Suburban America” by David Baron. This is an excellent book that pretty much dispels the myth that mountain lions are afraid of humans or dogs. If you are lucky enough to see a mountain lion, it is unlikely that you are being tracked – though if you have a dog that sounds the alarm…? Almost all of the attacks on people are a complete surprise to the victim. In any case, I am sticking to running with friends during the wee hours, and keep looking for a big long tail. P

  • yoda

    Leash laws go a long way…IF god was in control of this place he’d probably
    let all dogs run around humping peoples legs attack anything they wanted…Like he says Ignorance ids blissed …so keep up the good work…

    Next time it could be a bear…you both could get mauled……have a nice day

  • Robert Youngren

    Wow, close call! It’s because of potential wilderness encounters like this (and many other reasons) that most parks have (should have) leash laws. Thankfully everybody was safe this go around, but you never know? FWIW I still get rattle snakes and other critters in my own, fenced, backyard that my dog (and I) has a field day with!

  • Cougar Lady

    It was probably just one of those old Park City “cougars” out looking for man food. Good thing you made it out alive and didn’t end up being dragged into Nordstroms and killed.

  • Kevin

    … See that’s why I never shower or brush my teeth before a run. One needs to look mean out there!

    OK its UTMB time:
    Jurek is trying to finish again for his third time. Here are my predictions:

    1. Hawker
    2. Moehl

    1. Jornet
    2. Jurek
    3. Sherpa

  • Evan

    I live up in Alaska and have a real testimony (Utah term ha!) of running with a dog. I never hit the trials without Ernie (the friendly Pitbull). My dog sticks to me like glue and is never on a leash. I took a $800 vet bill last year when he jumped in front of a momma grizz that was charging me.

    I would be careful of a dog that will chase things out in the bushes. That is not too smart even if it is 100lbs. Up here a disobediant dog will bring back a 1000lb brown bear. Then real problems happen.

    Glad you were safe.

  • Jen

    Leash yourself Yoda. I hate leash laws because they punish all for the sake of a few, and that is just wrong when plenty of dogs are great off leash. Just work with recall on your dogs more and don’t buy a hunting breed as a running companion, stick with herding breeds who stay close and have been bred to have a low hunting instinct. I would only leash dog who had a strong predatory instinct. Going running with dog on a leash in cougar country is like meat on a rope to them – makes them see the dog as less dangerous and if you as a reaction start to pull your dog back when the cougar is close it will see that as weakness and attack – it will see a dog off leash (if dog is big enough) as potential danger as they are both carnivores. And don’t buy tiny dogs if you live in these areas – that is just like setting out snack food and is so unfair on the poor little things.

  • Kim Neill

    There shouldn’t have to be more leash laws. If dog owners would wise up and keep their dogs on-leash in wild areas we wouldn’t have to have so many laws to regulate the stupid people. There are no dumb dogs, just ignorant dog owners. I’m glad you were ok, but I hope you learned to be more responsible with your dogs for next time.