La Sportiva Athlete Spotlight Anna Pichrtova: 3

Anna Pichrtova: Training Advice: “What good is advice? I should take my own! I should be working on my weakness, which is speed, but I don’t; I run long, which is already my strength. I should be doing hill repeats, but I don’t; I just like to run in the mountains, and get energy from the sun.”

Why – Love the sport. For me, it’s the mountains, having a quiet mind, like meditation. Connect to the nature. And of course, I love winning! But if I couldn’t race, it wouldn’t be a question, I would keep running.

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3 thoughts on “La Sportiva Athlete Spotlight Anna Pichrtova:

  • Buzz

    Thanks for putting this up. Anna is the real deal, so it’s nice to have people hear her thoughts. She has the brightest, lightest, most buoyant attitude I’ve ever seen; a joy and inspiration to be around.

  • WSG Post author

    I am not officially on the team, Buzz and I have a relationship where I will be racing in La Sportiva Trail Shoes!