Invasion of the HOKA 12

Jemez weekend is upon us and here comes the Hoka’s, Melter and Mermoud will be sporting the latest in trail shoe design ! I had the chance to bounce around in the Hoka’s for a moment and I must say “wow”!  The new trail shoe design reminds me of the ski industry when fat skis hit the scene, (hero skis) now we have hero trail shoes?

Mafate Limited Edition

By using an EVA 30% softer and increasing its total volume to 2.5 times that of a typical trail running shoe, we allow for more cushioning than any other shoe on the market today, dissipating up to 80% of the shock associated with heal striking when running..Read more>>>

Buy them NOW at Wasatch Running Center..

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12 thoughts on “Invasion of the HOKA

  • rob youngren

    Just a thought. If this is indeed some newfangled type of EVA and it truly does dissipate up to 80% of the shock for the given thickness of the shoe (very thick by the looks). Why not design a version that perhaps dissipates, say 40,50, or 60% and have it not be so high profile looking or so wide a base? A lot of us are not major heel strikers so we don’t need that much shock absorption. Would make the shoe “look” more appealing and that will in turn lead to a better selling shoe. At $160 I’d be very hesitant to drop that kind of investment to try a new technology shoe. I wouldn’t mind demoing a pair though! 😉

  • Wasatch Running Center

    Greetings. Rumor is, lower profile shoes are in the works, but HOKAs are not made exclusively for major heel strikers, though they will encourage heel strikers to run more efficiently without messing with one’s more efficient running style. They are not for everyone, but they cool, innovative, and have a nice ride. At $170, they are an expensive experiment, but almost everyone who has bought them has loved them and bought another pair. Come try them on and run down the sidewalk during our Memorial Day Sale… if we have any left. Next shipment due before 12 June.

  • Shawn Talbott

    I just got back form my first run in my new Hoka’s (aka my Clown Shoes). I bought them at Wasatch Running Center yesterday and did 16m on the Bonneville Shoreline this morning. VERY COOL! The Hoka’s are by FAR the most cushioned shoes I have ever run in – but they were perfectly stable and agile when going up/down/flat/rocks/sand/whatever. I was a little worried that they would be “too” squishy and my stability would suffer – but that is not the case at all – I felt as stable and fast as ever – and with a lot less “jarring” because of the extreme cushion (felt a bit like running on a cloud must feel). I will plan on wearing these in the VT100 in July.

  • WSG Post author

    Thanks for the info Shawn great review..these shoes will help with longevity unlike the minimal approach..


  • robert youngren

    Why bash the minimalist approach? Too each their own right? I wasn’t aware there was evidence that minimalist approach DOESN’T help with longevity? Abandoning my clunky and stiff shoes (road and trail)has done wonders for me; might not for everybody but then again a cushy shoe may not be the solution for everybody either.

  • WSG Post author

    So true….no bashing.. I can run multiple 100’s per year in either type of shoe but I feel much better late in the season with the cush..on those long rocky downhills. I only run 100’s with a lot of vertical, that may influence shoe choice? THAT’S MY EVIDENCE.

    Happy Trails..

  • Matt Connors

    In one corner, we have the Vibram Five-Finger and the other we have the little known HOKAS. My money is on the HOKAS, primarily because I don’t want to wear the loin cloth that comes with the Five-Fingers. I would much rather run on a Serta mattress than bare foot!

  • Mountain Billy

    When I first brought these shoes home and showed them to my girlfriend she laughed, although she didn’t mean to, she felt bad and apologized and said she just wasn’t sure what to think about them because they look like geriatric moon boots.
    The next day I knocked out a 7 hr 16 mile hardcore trail run with massive inclines and descents. All I can say is bring on the geriatric moon boots, I freaking love these things by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

  • Kc Hillclimber

    I have put about 50 miles on my Hoka’s in the past 2 weeks. On trails from Northern Utah to Sedona, AZ (red rock)

    I must say that up until this morning (running Mueller Park to Elephant Rock) I was loving every single second on these shoes. This morning a had a pretty nasty little ankle sprain while down hilling. I know, I know, ankle sprains happen without Hoka’s. But they don’t usually happen to me. So here’s my review. I love the shoe. They are amazingly soft and my feet have felt better than ever the past week. I enjoy them so much that there have been a few times where I have caught myself purposely stepping on rocks just so I can smile when I don’t feel it.

    Now the bad: Today’s ankle sprain has tempered my exuberance slightly. I have run somewhere close to 1000 miles this year. Mostly on trails. And today I had my first significant ankle sprain in years. Was it a coincidence? Maybe so. All I know is that for two years I’ve run on Solomon Pros and never had an ankle issue and two weeks on the Hoka’s and I’m limping.

    Now the real question. Will I keep wearing them? Absofreakinglutely! They are that good. It’s gonna take a few more ankle sprains to convince me to take these bad boys off.

  • Maddy

    “Geriatric running shoes???”

    Don’t knock it. We all get there sooner or later, providing we live that long. I will take any extra “padding” I can get.