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The Hoka Mafate’s are live at Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear, Buy NOW!

As new Affiliate Manager for Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear it’s a no brainier to market the mighty Hoka’s . Karl Meltzer convinced me to try these shoes in April and “WOW” is all I can say!  My first thought is these are the fat skis of trail shoes, the stability and comfort Hoka’s provide through rugged terrain is unbelievable and the rolled up sole design really improves the efficiency of your stride. Don’t be surprised if you feel some tired muscles after your first couple trail runs,”Time To Fly”.

This design allows for fluid and natural stride transitions, lessening the movement of the knee by as much as 20%, increasing efficiency. By using an EVA 30% softer and increasing its total volume to 2.5 times that of a typical trail running shoe, we allow for more cushioning than any other shoe on the market today, dissipating up to 80% of the shock.

At 320 grams a pair,

EXPERIENCE the new evolution of trail shoes at Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear NOW!

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8 thoughts on “Hoka Mafate Trail Shoe Review – Buy Now

  • zach mitchell

    Hey Scott, can you relate what size shoe you wore in say the Fireblade, to what size you wear in the Hoka? I’m curious in the shoe and it may help others in ordering. Hope your hooves are sharpened, good luck at Bighorn, scrape hard!

  • WSG Post author

    Hey Zach,

    Hope all is well, I wear a size US size 10 but used a 10.5 for the Fireblades. I did the same for the Hoka’s 10.5…Euro sizing always a little off. I’m running the Bighorn 100 this weekend in them..amazing shoes. The rolled up toe really ads efficiency to your stride..comfort and stability is unbelievable..downhills..as fast as you want to go with out crashing..scrape on. Let me know if you like them if you get a pair..

  • Ben

    I would think the super-thick sole would greatly increase the chances of a sprained ankle on rocky or technical trails, since you are really elevated and presumably have very little “feel” for the terrain. Is there any greater risk of ankle-rolling than in a lower profile shoe?

  • BDK

    Over 50…running and recovery pain gone. They absorb the rocks that tend to roll ankles. All running performance areas have improved. These are like cheating.
    Areas for improvement: depth of tread, colors, tongue padding,
    ability to keep feet dry in wet/muddy terrain. Light gaiters help. Should come with sun glasses so you won’t be recognized.
    This won’t be a fad. Will continue to wear as long as they offer them.

  • Dennis Hogan

    Well I purchased 2 pair and I have worn them on road sand etc etc but I was running over tree roots on a trail last night and I stepped down onto a small tree root and I rolled the ankle it was like the shoe is so soft it just the landing and more or less forced it to roll out. mmm not sure about them now.
    Regards Dennis