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Monne Davis was using IV bags from hospital’s to carry her water during 100 mile horse races, this lady was ahead of her time! Here we are all set with hydration systems, electrolyte tablets, recovery products and all the modern convinces to assist us in endurance racing. Moone spent a lot of time managing her horse toljaso, her needs came second. She would feed her horse electrolyte tablets and spend a lot of time watching the horse’s energy and nutrition levels, as we do ourselves in our 100 miler races. She logged over a 1000 miles of Trail Racing in 1999. Moone also was a world class sled dog racer, she would manage and train a pack of up to 60 dogs at a time. When we race all we have to do is worry about ourselves, not a horse or a team of dogs. Moone didn’t stop there, she is a marathon runner, mountain biker and a skier. Co-worker Moone is the toughest lady I know, she is always teaching me new endurance stuff at work every day !

1994 Mountain Region Champion, 1995 4th at World Championship
1995 1st at 265 mile Outlaw Trail, 1997 1st at 250 mile Pony Express, 1999 logging over 1,000 miles of Outlaw Trail racing
over 6,000 AERC race miles

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