Annual National Trail Running Day

I’ll be on a plane to France for the UTMB, but for the rest of you go get it!

2nd Annual National Trail Running Day set for August 21st, 2010 Atlanta, GA – June 28th, – Trail runners across the country participated in National Trail Running Day last year, having over 5,000 participants run Trail Races, plan Group Trail Runs, and perform Trail Maintenance. Trail Running is a relatively new sport that involves runners running on hiking trails, mountain bike trails, deserts, forests, creek beds, rocky terrain, heavily rooted terrain, and everything else that isn’t road. A recent study conducted by the Outdoor Industry Association reported in 2009 4.8 million Trail Runners in the United States, with 13.1% of them trying it for the first time! That is why the Trail Running Industry has announced it is coming together to celebrate the Second Annual National Trail Running Day to promote the awesome sport of Trail Running! National Trail Running Day will be used to celebrate the benefits of Trail Running with runners taking to the trails of varying difficulties and distances, connecting with nature and the environment, slowing down their lives and getting back to the basics. For more experienced runners, Trail Running offers a more technical version of road running that allows runners to challenge themselves. The fact is, everyone can enjoy Trail Running and National Trail Running Day is a great way to increase awareness of the sport! National Trail Running Day began in 2009 by a former Army Officer, Chris Barber, who began Trail Running soon after re-deploying and separating from the United States Army. Chris had trouble dealing with the new decisions he faced in his rapidly changing life and found clarity in Trail Running. Trail Running provided Chris a way to slow-down and fully comprehend the life decisions that laid ahead of him. These decisions were very different from the ones he faced leading a Platoon of 30 men during combat missions in Iraq. Those were quick decisions where he considered his soldiers’ well-being first. Now he had to make long-term decisions that only affected him. Trail Running was familiar and comfortable to Chris; while in the Army he ran on trails every morning with his entire unit. So Chris decided to start his civilian days with a Trail Run to help ease the transition to a civilian life. That is why Chris developed the first ever National Trail Running Day and Go to the official National Trail Running Day website, to register your event and see what it’s all about. For more information contact, Chris Barber at or 404.877.8781.

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