Amy Sproston wins Guatemala 50 miler 1

Wasatch Speed Goat Amy Sproston breaks the 7 hour barrier at the Guatemala 50 miler. Nothing like a little international flavor for the goats, hooves on the pavement?  Ouch..

“50 miles on roads felt like 2 road marathons back to back. I hit mile 25 at 3:25, and managed to hang on and run the second half in 3:31 to finish 50 miles in 6:56, which was good for the overall win, and was 12 minutes faster than the previous (overall :) ) course record. Was definitely an experience; I had the pleasure of being accompanied by 2 radio station mini-vans following me and blasting a mix of Latin pop and race updates.” A.S.

10 Scrapes for Amy, heal those hooves after that pavement…

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