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This one two combo can help you navigate through a blizzard at night ! Yea, thats what the Bear 100 handed out this year, full cloud cover and dark conditions. When the sun first set, I used the Spot to start the long night run which last 12 hours in late September. I went with the 3 LED setting all night long, when it got super dark and snowy I started up the Icon, this center LED sent a super defined spot in front of me while the Spot Headlamp lighted up the general area. Even during the 12 hour night leg I never had to change batteries, try that in a blizzard after 20 hours of running, not!
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The two light combo allowed me to run all night with no pacers in the snow and clouds, I couldn’t see the pink ribbons and there where very few glow sticks, but I just followed Meltzers foot prints all night long! Thanks for leaving those scrape marks ! Wahsatchspeedgoat.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

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8 thoughts on “Trail Gear Review – Black Diamond head lamps

  • Peter Lubbers

    So, do you wear one around your waist and one on the head?
    I heard that using the lamp around your waist provides better light, but have always just used just the headlamp. Curious about any nightlight tricks that the speedgoats use.
    Personally, I love the Black Diamond lights as well (I use the Zenix IQ); they’re light and bright.

  • WSG Post author

    Hi Peter,

    Roch Horton told me about the waist ideal which I heard works real well, I like the Spot in my hand so I have a light to shine as I need to and the Icon on my head. I am always up for other ideals!


  • Jasper

    I came up with a system that worked really well at Wasatch this year. One Black Diamond Spot on my forehead, and one on my wrist. I bought a velcro strap from REI, and used that in place of the usual headband to secure the light to my wrist. This allowed me all the benefits of having a handheld flashlight in one hand, but I still had that hand free to hold a water bottle. It was great to be able to cruise down those sick steep downhills down to Ant Knolls and down the Plunge and the Dive, able to see the trail like it was daytime.


  • Geoff Roes

    hey scott and karl, i’m most likely going to be in slc for a couple days at the end of the month (29th and 30th). was wondering if either or both of you might be interested in getting together for a run in the mountains either or both of those days? my lungs will be coming from sea level so something not too high up will be more ideal for me. i’m usually ok with no aclimitazation if i stay below 8,000 ft. let me know if you’re interested (