Meltzer’s interview with Endurance Planet 16

He’s one of the most laid-back guys you’re likely to meet but don’t let his demeanor fool you. Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer has run more than 80 ultras and WON more than 40 of them! Today on Endurance Planet we hear from the easy going trail champion.

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    16 thoughts on “Meltzer’s interview with Endurance Planet

    • cb

      Really enjoyed the interview, Karl. Loved the disclaimer – as I sit in my cube, waiting to bust out for my lunchtime run… Gotta get my priorities straight!


    • Wynn

      amen! life is short, that’s a big reason for going into teaching, lots of time off to run and be in the woods.
      Work is for the birds anyway.

      – It’s a doggy dog world, and I refuse to wear milkbone underwear.

    • Ben

      SO when your wife comes home from work all stressed out and you tell her to ‘relax!, You’re home now’, be honest… do you say it in your best Isaac Hayes Impression? lol
      Great interview. The world would be a much better place if more people could put things in perspective the way you do.
      3 Scrapes for Karl! Baaaaa

    • Federico

      Karl, you rock!!!
      Next time you’ll come to Europe if you want to stop in Italy renewing my bathroom too you’ll welcome!!! Of course after a Hut to hut run on Alps.
      Food, a bed and mountains always avalable around here!

    • Billy

      don’t worry about a ting….’cause every little ting is gonna be alright….

      it definately is not all about the money. quality of life, quality of friendships. yea mon……….

      great interview…

    • Karl

      Frederico, I’ll take you up on the run, but I’m done with the bathroom, need a break from that. Hope to be in Europe again next year.
      Thanks for all the good words!
      Billy in Salt Lake?

    • Larry

      Karl my friend,
      Great interview spoken with passion and candor. I was impressed that so many words came out of your mouth in one interview! Way to share with the rest of us. Proud to run with you and call you a friend.

    • Jill

      Great interview, Karl. It’s inspired me to keep at it. Question: I just found ultrarunning last year and this year alone I’ve run 10-12 ultras and marathons (both road and trails) from the 26.2 distance up to a 100 miler, including the “craziness” that was the Chicago Marathon last weekend. During last weekend’s race I might as well have been on Mars. I finished (heat is no problem) but mentally, I was just “burned out.” Do you ever have burnout and do you have any suggestions on how to tame it? Jill

    • Karl

      Jill, If you are “burned out”, and you might be with all those runs, just force yourself to take some time off, even two weeks could do it for you. Dont want to make running a chore, just an enjoyable hobby. Not to mention winter is coming, so it is OK to take a break. It will refire your engine and when you step on the line after a few months of not running a race the fire will return. Happens to me too. -Karl

    • Billy

      King Karl, in Salt Lake around around Nov 11……Tour of your turf? Golf?
      Finally recovered from AT and feeling spritely.

    • Karl

      Bring the clubs Billy, it will be a great time for golf and running in the same day. The door is open and Cheryl and I will be here. Shot a 71 yesterday, the game is coming around for the senior tour. Later, Karl

    • Cush

      I loved the interview and your attitude. You really seen to get what running and life is all about. One question. If someone could run only one hundred mile race, which one would you tell them to run? I’ve been running marathons for 25 years, but suddenly I love running more than I ever have, and I love running the trails. I ran a little 72 mile race a few weeks ago, and even though it was on the roads, I still really enjoyed it. It was a lap around Lake Tahoe. But my wife has given me the quota of one 100 mile trail race. I am in the lottery for Western States, but the chances arent’ great for me to get in. I will be in Alaska during the Wasatch 100 next year. Any other recommendations?